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Ishqbaaz 19th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 19th December Episode starts with Tej telling Dadi about splitting the kitchen. Pinky says why only kitchen, they should split the whole house. Shivaay throws the knife and holds Anika saying it is time to show Goa the real SSO.

Some time back… Shivaay looks for organic vegetables in the vegetable market. Shivaay starts getting confused and asks to pack 10 kgs of each vegetable, then realizes it is only him and Anika and feels the pain. Omkara gets nervous about his first day in the office. He tells Gauri that he is going to the office just for Shivaay as the business is Shivaay’s dream and he doesn’t want to break Shivaay’s dream. Gauri boosts Omkara’s confidence, Omkara and Gauri wish luck to each other.

Shivaay gives 2000 rs to the vendor and asks him to keep the change. The happy vendor talks about the woman who created a ruckus while buying the vegetables, the vendor says ‘michmichi’ and realizes that Anika must have come earlier. FB shows Anika arguing with the vendor. Shivaay tries to side Anika, the vendor tells Shivaay to go to him whenever he needs vegetables. In Oberoi Mansion, the vegetable vendor comes to see Shivaay to clear the bills, Gauri takes the bills.

Tia instigates Tej over the vegetable vendor supplying the vegetables. Gauri supports Shivaay’s decisions, Tej opposes Gauri. Pinky argues with Tej. Gauri tries to stop them, Tej and Pinky argue, Dadi cries thinking the house will be devastated without Shivaay. Shivaay watches Anika as she struggles in the kitchen. The vendor in Oberoi Mansion says that Shivaay has already paid off the bill, Dadi scolds Tej and Pinky. Tia tells Tej that even after Shivaay’s departure from the Oberoi Mansion, he is the one who is running the house as everyone follows his decisions. Tia shows fake sympathy to Tej and suggests that Tej’s and Pinky’s kitchen should be separated. Tej agrees to Tia’s suggestion. Tej tells Dadi that he wants to separate the kitchens in the Oberoi Mansion, all get shocked. Shivaay sends off Anika to get oregano and makes soup. Shivaay praises Anika for the soup, Anika realizes that Shivaay made the soup and thanks him. Shivaay tells Anika to take her time and not to be hard on herself, Anika tells Shivaay to not to be hard on himself as she is sure that Shivaay will set up his business successfully. Shivaay holds Anika and throws the knife saying that he can achieve everything with her support. Shivaay says the time has come to show Goa what SSO is. Pinky says they should divide the Oberoi Mansion and not only the kitchen, Dadi cries bitterly, Jhanvi supports Tej, Shakti supports Pinky. Rudra tries to call Omkara. Shivaay calls Mishra to inform that there will be income tax raid on his office. Mishra informs his men to hide away the money before the raid. Gauri pleads to Tej to rethink his decision, Gauri tries to persuade Pinky, both refuse to listen to Gauri. Tia feels happy. Svetlana reaches the countries office to collect Shivaay’s parcels, Svetlana says Shivaay has sent her to collect the parcel as the man refuses to hand the parcel to her. Svetlana asks for water and runs away with the parcel. Shivaay opens the packet and finds Shivaay’s letter that says Shivaay himself wanted Svetlana to read the letter. Shivaay says the game is not over yet and the thing that she wants is with Shivaay and she will never find it. Svetlana decides to go to Goa to find Shivaay’s plan. Tej and Pinky get Oberoi Mansion divided, Tej warns his family members not to go on the other side. Pinky warns Shakti the same. Dadi cries and tells them to divide her as well. She says his heart is broken and Shivaay would have never let this happened. Dadi says she will never forgive them. Tia gets happy.


Shivaay and Anika try to open a locked room, Anika screams seeing something, Shivaay and Anika try to check, a lady runs on the stairs.


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