Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 19th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanchal telling Netra that she will get her married. Netra says Rishi has promised her that he will marry her if Tanuja marries AK. Kanchal says Rishi will never marry you and then you will be left with nobody. She asks her to decide between Rishi and her. Netra selects Rishi and breaks her relation with her mum. Her hugs her and cries. Netra tells Rishi that nobody will pressurize him for marriage now. Rishi thanks her.

AK tells Rohit that Rishi loves Tanuja dearly and says his love is truth. He says today he heard Rishi telling Netra that he loves Tanuja very much. He says even Tanuja told me that she loves Rishi. He says Tanuja and Rishi loves each other a lot. I shall tell the truth to Tanuja. Rohit asks why you are becoming your own enemy and says you will lose her

if you tell her. AK thinks shall I tell Tanuja or not, it can change our future. Sad song plays….Tanuja comes to AK and asks about the case. She asks why he is upset and asks if Rishi said something, and apologizes on his behalf. She says our marriage will not be cancelled and we will marry, you are my best friend and will always be. AK asks why not with Rishi. Tanuja says he is married and have a daughter. AK thinks this thing is stopping her, but she has love in her heart. She gets up to close the windows. AK thinks he wants Tanuja’s happiness, and she cares for him a lot. She comes back. AK tells her that she is a good mum. Tanuja says even you are good. AK thinks he can’t lie to Tanuja and tells her that he is not just her care taker, but became his life now.

AK says I feel I am lucky to get a friend like you and says I want to spend my life with you. Tanuja says we will. AK says let me tell and says he feels lucky who met her and says even if I get the world then also it is less than you. Tanuja says I know and is about to go. Ak asks she will choose whom between Rishi and him. Tanuja says I will choose you as Rishi is married. AK says he is not married. Tanuja asks what you are saying? AK tells her that he went to court today for Narula’s case and heard Rishi and Netra talking.

He says Rishi said that he will wait for you all life, but will not marry Netra. Tanuja asks what you are saying? She says Netra and Rishi are not married. AK says Rishi loves you very much. Tanuja says I don’t believe this and says he loves me even now. She tells AK that she will scold Rishi for not telling her. She says she used to think why he wants to marry her when he is already married. She says Rishi proposed her for marriage and tells that he used to tell everyone proudly that Tanuja loves him. She thanks AK for informing her. AK says even I love you very much.

Tanuja informs Natasha that Mr.Handsome is her father. Natasha gets happy. Tanuja and Natasha are leaving to go to Rishi’s house, but AK tries to stop her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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