Tu Aashiqui 19th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Pankti coming to the police station. She asks inspector to free Ahaan, he doesn’t get angry without a reason, he is a big singer. She shows his concert video. He says he has come here before. She gives money and her jewelry for bail. Ahaan looks on. Inspector sees her and says you stopped your tears, but he cried out, if he does anything again. She says I will get him by holding his ears. She asks Ahaan to say he won’t do such thing again. Ahaan nods. She requests inspector. Inspector leaves Ahaan.

JD asks what, Ahaan got bail, who got this done. Aparna gets glad and asks why are you surprised, you were also trying to free him. JD says yes, I was thinking why did this get delayed. He tells something to Manav.

Ahaan asks Pankti to listen, Uday told her everything

right. He thanks her. She gets angry and asks him should she see his injured state. She does aid to his wounds. Pal do pal ….plays…. He smiles seeing her. He says I feel this punishment is my reward. He asks her not to demoralize him. He says I will meet you after arranging money, you can leave now. He leaves. She cries. She leaves in the taxi. Uday says you love her a lot right. They leave for home. Monty calls Purva. He jokes. She says sorry, I was tensed. He says I had upset you before, sorry, I decided to mix strong friendship with business. She says it means you will help Ahaan, thanks. He says it would be good if you offer coffee with thanks. She says I don’t like coffee. He gives her many options. She smiles.

Ahaan comes home. Aparna worries seeing him hurt and hugs. She takes him for aid. Manav asks Ahaan why did he sing at such cheap bar. Ahaan says I have to pay someone’s loans. Manav asks who is that man, tell me, I will clear your loan. JD says his age is such, youngsters do such mistakes. He asks Ahaan to think for his family. Sheetal says I will pay the loan Ahaan, we have much money, you shouldn’t be worried. Ahaan says I don’t want to involve anyone in my fight. Manav scolds Ahaan. JD says I have always supported Manav, but today I m telling you you should support Manav. Ahaan asks how much low will you fall, you couldn’t trap me, so you want to trap me by using Manav. Vikram scolds him for insulting JD. Ahaan says I can’t tell today, but one day I will surely say, what I want to give and whom. He asks Sheetal not to take stress. He apologizes.

Manav asks Aparna what happened to Ahaan, what’s this blame. Aparna says you are suppressed by JD’s favors, Ahaan has our values, he can’t be wrong. He says you are suppressed by Ahaan’s love. She says I want to know why he performed at the cheap club. He says he is mad, simple. Aparna goes to Ahaan and asks him what is he hiding. He says nothing. She asks why did he perform at the cheap club. She asks him to swear on her. He says how shall I tell you, I signed a deal with JD. He tells everything. She gets shocked.

Pankti says Ahaan, I don’t have any right to love. Ahaan says I will get all your rights. Ahaan argues with JD.

Update Credit to: Amena


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