Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts Naira saying I wish mum and dad unite. Kartik also prays for them. Pandit asks Manish not to get up, there is one more ritual. They see Naksh and Kirti telling about Krishna’s story, there is a lesson behind every story, everyone knows about Yashoda’s love, did anyone think about Devki, why was she helpless to make her son away. Kartik and Naira come on stage as Vasudev and Devki. Kartik says Devki, give me the baby, don’t be selfish. Naira hugs the baby and asks baby to forgive her. She cries and gives the baby to him. Suwarna cries.

Kirti says Devki didn’t think for her happiness and gave her son away, her sacrifice was big. Naira says Vasudev was with Devki in her decision, was this the reason that she was not considered wrong, if a woman does the

same without husband’s approval, will we consider her wrong, a mum’s decision to send away her son for family’s good, is this a small sacrifice, we humans are weak, we are regarded selfish, if anyone gives a big sacrifice, is she a culprit. Kartik says no, culprits are those who doesn’t understand her sacrifice, Devki showed her greatness by giving away her son, Yashoda showed her greatness by loving someone’s son, we have a woman here, who has Yashoda and Devki in her, she left her own son and loved her step son. Aryan gets angry and stops them. He throws the things around. They all get shocked.

He says you are trying to portray her as Lord, she could become a human, you don’t need anyone for my role, they would have know my pain, what I went through till now, Devki was afraid to lose her son, she lost seven children before, what fear Suwarna had, what forced her to abandon me after birth, she sacrificed me, you are making her Devki and Yashoda, she is not even close to their feet’s dirt. Naira says you are thinking wrong. Aryan says she is a culprit for me, she is a selfish woman, she ruined my life for settling here, I can never forgive her, I can never keep any relation with her, she doesn’t exist for me. He hits the pot. The pot is about to hit Suwarna. Kartik holds the pot and saves her. He throws the pot away. Aryan asks till when will you save her, she will get punished for her sins. Kartik says enough, shut up, you have a right to get angry on your mum, but don’t dare to say a word against my mum. Suwarna gets shocked and sees Kartik. Everyone looks on surprised.

Kartik turns to Suwarna. She cries. He touches her feet. She blesses him. He says I m sorry Maa. She hugs him and cries. He says I had much hatred for you, I realize I was so stupid before, I wish I could get that time back, I wish I could tell those people who are going to make the same mistake, I m not able to do anything, I m really sorry. Manish and Aryan leave. Kartik says don’t regret, if I can realize my mistake, they will also realize their mistake, Manish and Aryan will come back. Naira says yes, I m sure, this day will be memorable for you. They smile.

Naira comes to Kartik. He asks did you hear that, did it sound weird, I didn’t think, I just said it. Naira says it was good. He says Manish tried a lot to make me call her Maa, and today I called her Maa by my own, I wish Manish and Suwarna get together, will he come in party. Kirti says I m so happy, Kartik called Suwarna as mum. Naksh says I hope that family unites. Bhabhimaa stumbles. Devyaani says she has knee pain. Naksh asks Bhabhimaa to take rest. Kirti says we will not leave you. Bhabhimaa says I want to come in party, you both are with me. The family gets glad.

At the party, Naira says don’t leave hope Maa. Kartik asks Suwarna not to lose courage. He gives her a soft drink. Akhilesh and Surekha come. Surekha says there is peace on your face. Akhilesh says I m glad, thanks Kartik. Kartik says this delay is because of me. Suwarna says no one gets anything before time and more than fate. Dadi blesses Suwarna. She asks Naira to remember what she said, guests are many, they shouldn’t know anything, where is Manish, he is not at home and office. Akhilesh says I will go and check. Dadi asks Kartik to handle the situation, don’t let our family get insulted. Lav and Kush see Aryan and say oh no…. They see Aryan coming, dressed in a weird suit. Surekha says he asked for designer’s number, I didn’t know he will use it this way. Aryan says I have to see Suwarna’s face, she will be embarrassed when dad doesn’t come in party. He greets guests. Dadi asks what are you doing here, go upstairs. Aryan meets more guests. Singhanias come. Dadi welcomes them. Rajshri asks Naira is everything fine. Naira says everything is fine, I feel a bit scared. Rajshri asks her not to get scared. Devyaani says you have to take second step now. Rajshri blesses Naira and Kartik.

Everyone in the party asks about Manish.

Update Credit to: Amena


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