Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 20th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Epi begins with Mr. Bisht reading the letter. When did Sharanya write this letter to me? Her life is in danger. I should go there right away! Flashback shows Bishts waiting eagerly for Sharanya as she was about to return after 2 long years. Doorbell rings. Bishts receive the letter along with a parcel. They are about to open the parcel when Mrs. Bisht gets a call about Sharanya’s accident. She drops the phone in shock. They leave the house right away. Flashback ends. Mr. Bisht reads the date on the letter – December. He reads it again. There is something which is bothering me. There is something which no one knows. I am in trouble and I need your help! He is shocked after reading it. It means all this happened in Kapali Hills Temple. He checks the parcel. It has a box. He panics seeing it.

What’s all this Lord? Sharanya is in such a big danger? Shiv gets up from the chair. Mr. Bisht decides to go back right away.

The chunri falls down from Mata’s idol. Mr. Bisht covers it again and takes it with him.

Rajan asks Chandni how much will she keep poking around. she lies that she was drinking water. He looks under the table. here? She asks him if he is his wife who will answer his every question. He pins her to the wall. You wanted to become my wife right? Sadly you could not! You said that Sharanya and Vyom’s kundli’s are a perfect match? She recalls pundit ji’s warning words. Rajan says I don’t trust you at all. I think beyond you! Pundit ji told me that their marriage is dangerous for Vyom. You have no right to come in the wedding as you want his life to be ruined! Stay away from the wedding. This is my warning! She stops him. Why are you pushing Vyom to death when you know everything? He says some secrets should remain a secret. If you find out the truth then you might have to lose your life. Good night! I have to complete some incomplete work.

Mr. Bisht hurriedly sits in his car. He tries calling someone but there is network problem. He prays that everything goes well. Shiv looks up as Mr. Bisht starts the car. The light bulb pole misses his car by an inch. Mr. Bisht prays for his well being again. Shiv looks upset.

Mr. Bisht keeps dialling but is unable to reach anyone. How to tell Sharanya that her life is in danger?

Mrs. Bisht is watching the news. She is unable to get in touch with her husband. Aditya and Sharanya ask her if she spoke to father but she denies. His phone is unreachable. Get ready, Sharanya asks her if he will be home on time. Mrs. Bisht assures her that he will come when he has promised her. Sharanya hears the news about the solar eclipse due in 3 hours and looks at her mother in shock. They hear that this solar eclipse will only aggravate the evil spirits.

Odhni thinks they wont be able to get any clue. We couldn’t find out the secret of that spirit. He is much smarter than us. Now Sharanya and Vyom will have to bear whatever they are destined to! She is thrown back as soon as she touches two bags. She again sees flashes of the bloodied knife, solar eclipse, accident and stargazers. She shouts at the spirit to help her if she wants his help. She sees Shiv refusing to let anyone come between him and Sharanya. I wont let it happen. She is only mine! Odhni tells Freddy that he will kill Vyom! If Sharanya and Vyom marry then he will kill Vyom! We must stop this wedding or Vyom will lose out before death. Innocent Vyom will die! Freddy asks her who will believe them. Odhni is sure Sharanya will trust her. She has seen that spirit. We will show her this knife. Maybe she will understand. We must go.

Rati is helping Vyom get ready. He is about to put a brooch when she stops him. He was about to break the holy thread by mistake. He assures her it wont be broken as Sharanya had tied it. She smiles. Let’s leave now as we have to do all the rituals before solar eclipse. He nods.

Sharanya tells her mother she wont marry without her father. Mrs. Bisht lies that she had a word with him. He told me he will be on time or we can start the rituals even if he gets little late. She avoids looking Sharanya in the eye.

Sharanya looks at the sun. Can we go to temple once before reaching mandap? Mrs. Bisht instructs driver to take them to temple first. They reach temple. Sharanya wants to meet Sadhvi ji. Her mother is worried that they might get late but Sharanya assures her that everything will happen on time. Mrs. Bisht nods. Sharanya goes. Aditya asks his mother if she really spoke to papa. She denies. Sharanya would have been worried if I hadn’t lied to her. Your father’s phone is unreachable. Don’t know where he is!

Mr. Bisht is lying wounded on the side of the road.

Mrs. Bisht tries her husband’s number again. It rings but the call disconnects. Aditya reasons that it might be because of network issue. Don’t worry or how will you handle Di.

Sadhvi ji meets Sharanya. I was waiting for you only. I knew you would come. Sharanya tells her she is worried. Sadhvi ji says fear is good sometimes. It makes us stronger to face problems that are going to come in future. Come with me.

Mr. Bisht fails in getting touch with anyone. He picks up the idol. Take me to Sharanya somehow. Shiv steps out from behind the bushes. Mr. Bisht says a father has to save his daughter’s life. I have to stop my family anyhow. Please help me. He gets worried seeing movement in the bushes and leaves with the idol.

Sadhvi ji brings Sharanya inside the temple to seek Mata Rani’s blessings. She is going to fight with evil spirits to protect her love. Be with her. She tells Sharanya not to worry. Spirits, tantra-mantra, everything bend down in front of true love. Go and protect your love. Tie this relation before solar eclipse. Sharanya touches her feet. She prays to Mata Rani to give her strength. I am going to fight a very big battle. On one hand, I have to save my friend’s life while on the other hand there is an unknown enemy before whom I should not fall weak! This is all that I have come to seek!

Shayari – I could not get you after loving you from forever and someone will get you just after completing a few rituals!

Precap: Shiv seems to have entered inside Vyom once again. His hands and legs are tied by a chain while Sharanya gets ready to fight with the evil spirit!

Update Credit to: Pooja


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