Ishqbaaz 20th December 2017 Episode Written Update; Shivika Romance!

Anika runs out and collides with Shivaye. She hugs him and says there is someone in the house. The woman hides. Gauri says everything happened in front of my eyes. Shivaye says the land on which I set my foot becomes mine. Some time before, Mishra gets on call and asks how did the tempo go missing, we will be ruined, find it, I will be there. Shivaye comes and greets him. Mishra says come later, I m little busy. Shivaye says I have come here for your work, you want to know about that tempo right. Anika says there are so many names of colors these days. Someone walks to her. Anika sees someone in the mirror. She turns to see. Photo frame falls down. Anika goes to see. Mishra says I will do police complaint. Shivaye says go ahead, what will you say, that your black money is with me. Mishra asks what do

you want. Shivaye says you are proud that you sit on this chair, so you don’t understand the other person’s matter, I will try my best to understand your matter, you know what I want, NOC. Mishra signs and says gives the file. Shivaye says bend a little, more…. Mishra asks where is my money. Shivaye throws the envelope and says at this address. Mishra reads you are under arrest and asks what’s this joke. Shivaye says I don’t joke around…. inspector arrest him… Police comes. Inspector thanks Shivaye for standing against corruption. Mishra gets arrested. Mishra says I will not spare you.

Anika asks who’s over there. The woman comes to hold her. Anika turns and sees the photo frame on ground. She picks it and shouts. Anika runs out and collides with Shivaye. She hugs him and says there is someone in the house. He asks where, relax, we will go in and see. The woman sees them from the window. The woman runs upstairs. She enters some room. They go upstairs and find the door locked. He says maybe tenants kept their belongings inside. She gets scared hearing some sound. They go and see a white cat. Shivaye says you were afraid of this cat. She says I was really scared. He says congrats, we are three people now, you have Billu and Billi too. She says I m scared, you won’t understand, you leave and I stay alone here, its so tough. He asks should I not go, should I not work, this is our home. She says home is made of family, this house is good, but I miss everyone, I feel like I lost my family again. He says I understand. She says you don’t understand and goes. He says she was giving me strength, I didn’t see her breaking down, I will make up to her. She sits crying. He asks her to come. She asks where.

He sings Dekho maine dekha hai…… She sings along. They dance. She smiles. Shivaye asks did your mood get fine. She says yes. He says the system also got fine, I used your funda, everything will be fine here, I have to see the land and get construction started, just lock the doors, call me if you to say anything, you will have this cat with you. She asks him to keep some name. He asks her to keep the name. He says I will get cat food, don’t give milk to the cat. She jokes. He says lactose is not good, its harmful for cats. She says our cat got healthy by drinking milk. He says please. She says fine. He hugs her and goes. Anika says we will name you Chammak Challo Singh Oberoi. She gets Gauri’s call and asks how are you, why are you crying. Gauri says nothing is fine here. She tells everything. Anika gets shocked.

Shivaye comes to see the land. A ball hits the windscreen and shatters it. Shivaye catches the ball. He gets down and goes to the men. Gauri cries and says forgive me, you left the house to me and I couldn’t stop its division, everything happened in front of my eyes, I couldn’t do anything. Anika says its bad, I can’t imagine what is Dadi going through, don’t worry, I will talk to Shivaye and call you, take care of Dadi. The man says I missed my aim, this ball should have hit you, this is not your highway, by whose permission did you set foot on Carlos’ land. Shivaye says the land on which I set my foot becomes mine, anyways its my land. Carlos laughs and asks where is it written. Shivaye shows the official documents. Carlos tears the papers and throws over. Gauri wipes her tears and turns. She gets shocked seeing Om. Om drops the file and says I have heard everything. He cries and stumbles. He expresses his grief and says we three brothers have lost, our love failed in front of elders’ hatred.

She hugs him and cries. He says Dadi was right, Shivaye is the foundation of this house, see what happened after he left, this house got divided. He gets up and leaves. Carlos says this land is no more yours, did anyone not tell you about my principle, one who seizes the land owns it, you can leave now, else you can need four shoulders to go home. Shivaye says its my land, vacate it. The man asks are you challenging Carlos. Shivaye says think of it as my challenge, my stubbornness, threat or a warning, I won’t leave without vacating my land. Carlos says lets see how much strong you are, if you survive three of the balls I hit, I shall vacate this land forever, else you will never back at this land, tell me, do you agree. He throws the bat. Shivaye catches the bat and says I accept it.

Shivaye does batting. He hits the ball directed towards the men. He asks Carlos to vacate his land in one hour. Rudra says these things have Shivaye’s memories attached, erase them if you can. Tej burns the things. Omru try to save the things from fire.

Update Credit to: Amena

Pic Credit: OU


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