Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 20th December 2017 Written Update; Abhishek Warns Rishi!

The Episode starts with Tanuja telling Natasha that Mr. Handsome is her father. She says she has to go to Rishi’s house. It turns out to be AK’s imagination. Tanuja asks what you are thinking and asks him to say. AK says there is nothing, I was worried about Narula’s case. Tanuja says I told you not to listen to Rishi and says everything will be fine. AK gets a call and tells Tanuja that Rohit is coming to pick him for meeting. Rohit asks AK why did he come home. AK says I am fine. Rohit says I am scared that you did a mistake. AK says I loved someone for first time and she made me good human. He says he won’t hurt Tanuja, but will not sacrifice his love. Rohit congratulates him. AK says Tanuja is his life and he can do anything to be with her. Rohit asks him to come for meeting with Rishi. They

come to his office. AK looks at Natasha and Rishi’s pic. Rishi comes and gets angry. AK says this is not done, and says he don’t interfere in others lives like him. Photo frame breaks. Rishi gets worried.

AK says he didn’t do it intentionally and says I don’t enjoy seeing others misery. I am a nice guy and says he don’t like him to get closer to Natasha. Rishi says ok, I accept that you didn’t make it fall. He says she is my blood and blood calls itself. He says Natasha has realized that I love her very much. AK says that’s why I won’t let you spend time with her and warns him.

Rishi thinks something is going on in his mind for sure. AK tells Rohit that his time starts now and says he will mess up Rishi’s life. He asks him to call Rishi and asks him to book more big venue as the guest list have increased. He says Rishi shall not know that I know the truth and asks him to call Rishi and asks for big venue. Lawyer comes there and tells that case is changed now. Now Tanuja is getting married and will have everything. We can lose the case. Rishi says we will not lose the case as Tanuja and Natasha will come back here. Lawyer asks are you doing out of settlement case. Rishi asks Lawyer to have sweets and rest.

Rohit calls Rishi and tells him whatever he said. Rishi asks if AK has gone mad and asks him to get him admitted in hospital. Rohit asks him to do as he said. Rishi tells his family that AK wants to make him let down. He says Beeji is with him. Rano ask Rishi to tell what she shall do and says she is with him. Rishi tells Manpreet that AK is hiding something and wants me to get busy in the arrangements. He says we have to find out.

AK tells Tanuja that Natasha will always be with her. Tanuja says you are saying as we are getting married. Tanuja says they will have a big fat wedding and promises that the functions will be great. He thinks tomorrow mehendi will take off all your colors Rishi.

Beeji tells Manpreet that today is mehendi night of Tanuja and tells Rishi that today is not AK/PK mehendi, but Rishi’s name mehendi. Ahana brings mehendi. Beeji praises her. They whisper something in her ear. She says you are going to do this. Beeji asks Netra to give her tea. Rishi asks them to get ready soon. Netra thinks what they are talking about.

Tanuja tells Ahana that she is marrying AK and says she is alone without her and Rishi. Ahana calls her Tanu di. Tanuja is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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