Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kirti telling Suwarna that everything will get fine. Naira says yes, happiness will come. Suwarna says happiness will come with Manish’s coming. Aryan meets some guests, who ignore him. Dadi gets scared. Singhania women explain her that children do right things. Dadi says I m afraid if anything wrong happens. Devyaani asks her not to worry. The guests ask Suwarna about Manish. They get tensed. Manish says I m here, I m going to sing Suwarna’s fav song as she is my fav. He sings Chukar mere mann ko… They all smile. Everyone claps.

Manish says I don’t deserve, but I m lucky to have a life partner like her. Aryan gets angry. Manish says Suwarna always supported me, I m trying to tell her what she means to me, I m nothing without her. She says

sorry. He says its my mistake that I couldn’t understand you, we will talk about this later, we will enjoy this party as of now, we deserve to celebrate. Naira sings Dil behchala….. They all dance. Kirti dances with Naksh. Naira and Kartik dance. She kisses and hugs him. Manish and Suwarna dance. Kartik sees Raghav and looks for him. Naira comes to call him for cake cutting. He thinks where did Raghav disappear. Naira asks Aryan to come. She takes him to Kartik. Kirti lights the candles on the cake. Naira says you have to make a wish together and then blow off the candle.

The guests ask Manish and Suwarna about Aryan. Aryan smiles. Dadi says Manish, come on cut the cake fast, mahurat is passing by. Manish and Suwarna cut the cake. Everyone claps. Aryan goes. He says they think I m a fool, they didn’t introduce me. Naira gets cake for him. He asks why didn’t she get balm for her wounds. She tries to explain. He asks her to leave. Kirti calls her. She goes.

Manish says where is Shubham. Suwarna says he maybe upset that you are with me. He says it doesn’t mean I m not with him, we will explain how much we love him. Kartik says I have seen him…..Raghav passes by. He goes to hold Naira. Kartik pulls him away. Naira goes. Raghav asks what are you doing here. Kartik says why did you come here. He scolds Raghav. Raghav says I came here to meet Tina. Kartik says don’t dare to go to her, get out of here. Karrtik sees Naira and takes Raghav out.

Lav and Kush show some necklace they got. Naira says this is so pretty, who could have got it and for whom. Raghav says I want to meet Tina, I didn’t do right with her, I realized it late, I just want to say sorry, why are you stopping me, by what right. Kartik says you can’t meet her, she is my wife Naira Goenka. Raghav says oh, sorry, I was just saying. …. Kartik says I don’t care, just forget her, if you were imp to her, she would have told about you, it means you don’t matter to her, get lost. Raghav smiles and goes. Naira comes to Kartik. He turns to punch. She says its me, you would have hit me today. He says sorry, you came here suddenly. She asks did you fight with someone. He says no, why would I. She asks him to say. He says fine, I will say, don’t laugh at it, an insect was troubling me. She jokes and laughs. She holds her.

He says don’t spoil my clothes. She says I m getting love on you. He says anyone else can come. They get under the table. She says this place is safer. He says our romance’s old place. She says yes, but way to love can be new. She holds him close. Music plays….. He asks how did you get so much love to shower on me. She says like you got that gift for me suddenly. He asks which gift. Dadi says where did Naira go, I will call her. They hear Dadi. Naira tries to put phone to silent. Phone rings. Dadi knocks on table and asks Naira to come out. Kartik and Naira argue. She goes out. He says Raghav came here today, before he tries to harm you, I have to do something.

Raghav comes to Goenka house. Guards tell Manish about him. Kartik says it can’t be Raghav, I have threatened him yesterday.

Update Credit to: Amena


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