Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zindagi Ki Mehak 20th December 2017 Episode Written Update; Mehak Decides to Teach Mandar a Lesson!

Scene 1
Bhanwari falls down. Mahek screams. Julie is crying. Mahek says Mandhar will pay for this sin. I won’t leave him.
Mahek comes out. Archie sees her coming. Archie says in heart what is she doing here? Mandhar didn’t take her? Shaurya says you came back? Mahek says saheb.. I have to go now. He says you left me before as well. I wont let you go. Mahek looks at Mandhar. Shaurya hugs her and says I wont let you go anywhere. i will die without you. You are only mine. Mahek shoves him and says I am married. Mahek is in tears. Mandhar says come with me. Shaurya shoves him and says don’t touch her or I will break your hands. she is my Mahek. Mahek is in tears. Shaurya beats him. Mahek slaps Shaurya. He is dazed. Mahek says how dare you hit my husband. Stop all this andd stay

away from me. I told you i am not Mahek. Let me go. Mahek says I suffocate around you. I am Vandana not Mahek. Stay away from me. SHaurya says I can’t go away from you. Mahek picks a knife nd says let me go or I will kill myself. Shaurya says don’t do that. I will go away from here. I will go away from you. Don’t harm yourself. Mahek says to Mandhar lets go. Mahek recalls Mandhar said that he will kill Neev. He said if you go to Shaurya I will kill Neev as well. Mahek says Shaurya wont leave you. He says by the time they come neev will be in pieces. You consider him a son. Mahek is in tears. She says in heart I am sorry Shaurya. I couldn’t let him kill Neev. Please wait for me I will come back to you with Neev. She sits in the car and leaves.

Julie says in car are you an animal. He was your father. How could you kill him. Mandhar says don’t say a word or I will do the same to you. Mahek says don’t dare to threaten ma now. I will not leave you. Mandhar says shut up and get out of car all of you.
They come out of car. Mandhr goes to take change from a shop. Mahek says to Julie I am sorry I couldn’t save dad. You have to help me in saving Neev. Julie nods.

Scene 2
Archie brings Shaurya to room and is saying Mahek.. Archie lies him on bed.
Mandhar takes out deadbody. He says burry him here. No one will know. Mahek says where is neev? mahek is in tears. SHe says God please help Shaurya.

Shaurya is unconscious. Archie says finally we are together. No one will come between us. she switches off his phone. Archie comes close to him. Shaurya says Mahek left. Archie says yes she did but I am always here for you. She comes close to him. Archie says I really want you. She makes him drink more.

Julie says I should have killed you when you were born. He was your step father but was so kind to you and you killed him. I am punished for being a mother. Mandhar says shut up. Don’t come in my way or I will kill Neev as well. Don’t dare playing any game.

Precap-Mahek comes to Shaurya and says I am Vandaana.
My family has suffered a lot because of you. You need to pay back for all that. I want 1 crore just right now.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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