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Ishqbaaz 21st December 2017 Episode Written Update; Shivika Get Beaten Up by Carlos!

Episode starts with Carlos troubling Anika, she screams and runs but gets injured on the stone. Omkara tells Tej that Shiv cannot be without OmRu and OmRu cannot be without Shivaay, Tej screams at Omkara.

Shivaay beats up Carlos and his goons, someone hits Shivaay with the bat, Anika gets shocked. Shivaay gets ready to bat, Anika tries to call Shivaay and gets worried as Shivaay doesn’t answer the phone. Anika remembers the address of the land and decides to go there. Carlos bowls first ball, Shivaay hits a shot and one of Carlos’ man gets knocked down. Carlos bowls second ball, Shivaay hits the shot, other goon gets knocked down. Carlos bowls third ball with speed, Shivaay hits the shot, third goon gets knocked down.

Shivaay tells Carlos to vacate his land within an hour, Shivaay makes a circle on the land with the car and leaves. Oberoi family eats breakfast, Tej speaks on the phone and gets disturbed by Pinky. Tej and Pinky get into an argument. Pinky instigates Tej saying that they are eating food in the plates bought by Shivaay. Anika comes to Carlos and asks about Shivaay. Carlos and his goons circle Anika. Pinky and Tej fight over Shivaay, Tej breaks the crockery.

Dadi says how will Tej destroy Shivaay’s memories, Tej says he has no place in his heart for Shivaay and his memories. Shivaay looks for Anika worriedly in the house, Shivaay sees Anika all beaten up, Shivaay gets shocked. Anika tells Shivaay that she had gone to look for him, FB shows, Carlos and his goons threatening Anika. Anika argues with them, Carlos holds her hand, Anika pushes him and runs, Carlos and his goons follow her, Anika slips and falls on the stone. Carlos tells Anika to tell Shivaay to talk to them directly. Shivaay gets angry and takes Aniak with him. Tej starts breaking everything of Shivaay, Dadi tries to stop them. Omkara and Rudra come with Shivaay’s childhood memories. Omkara tells Tej that Shivaay is in his heart and will always stay there. Shivaay brings an ambulance to the land, Carlos and his goons get shocked. Shivaay tells Carlos that one hour is over and puts the board of ShivOmRu Construction on the land. Rudra tells Tej that he can never separate ShivOmRu’s childhood. Rudra says Shivaay will always be his superhero, Rudra shows Shivaay’s childhood things to Tej, Omkara tells Tej that Shivaay recognized the artist in Omkara, Omkara shows his childhood sketchbook, Tej tears it. Rudra challenges Tej to break everything in his room. Carlos tells Shivaay to leave, Shivaay calls Anika, Anika gets the stretchers out, Shivaay says he has booked private wards in the hospital. Carlos gets angry. Rudra tells Tej that Shivaay is in their heart and cannot be removed, Omkara tells Tej that he will lose his sons as ShivOmRu are inseparable. Tej screams at them for siding Shivaay. Tej says he can even burn down the house to get rid of Shivaay and his memories. Shivaay starts beating Carlos’ goons, they start falling on the stretchers. Shivaay gets in the fight with Carlos and beats him. Shivaay screams at Carlos for touching and hurting Anika. Shivaay walks off, suddenly Carlos gets up with the bat and hits Shivaay from behind, Anika gets shocked.


Tej burns Shivaay’s things, OmRu try to save Shivaay’s things, Dadi cries.


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