Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 21st December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with AK asking Rishi about the venue and tells that the place should be big. Rishi asks him not to worry and says yes ofcourse it is your mehendi today. Tanuja comes there. Tere naam ishq….plays….Tanuja’s hand touches Rishi’s hand. AK asks her to come. Rishi says Papa is calling. Tanuja gets upset. AK asks Tanuja to sit in his car. Rishi says he is the wedding planner and will take her to the venue. Ahana comes there in car. Rishi says Ahana will take Tanuja to venue and asks AK not to worry, says Ahana will not kidnapped her. AK asks Tanuja to go with Ahana. Ahana brings her to venue and says Rishi asked her to kidnap her, but…Tanuja says she loves Rishi since the beginning. She tells that AK is her friend who don’t love her like Rishi. She tells her that time played a big

game with her and tells that you asked me to go away from his life, but now you are asking me to get back to Rishi. She says 27 years back, I was crying for Rishi and told you that I can’t live without him. She says you are married now, Rishi married Netra and I have just my daughter with me, I am marrying AK being alone.

Ahana realizes she is Tanu and hugs her. She says you are my Tanu di. Tanuja says I am your sister Tanuja. Ahana says you can’t be Tanuja, but Tanu, and says if you are Tanuja then you wouldn’t have known the conversation between Tanu and me. Tanuja says I am your sister. Ahana asks her to swear on her head and say.

AK comes there and says both sisters cry. Tanuja thinks she can’t tell anything to Tanu. She thinks nobody will believe me and decides not to tell her. Ahana goes. AK asks Tanuja what happened? Tanuja says it is matter between two sisters. AK says Natasha is sleeping in my room.

Ahana tells Manpreet that Tanuja is her Tanu di. Manpreet gets shocked. Rishi says I have two sisters Ahana and Myra. Beji thinks to talk to Ahana as she has not taken her to place which Rishi said. Rishi throws almond on Myra. Myra thinks who is throwing almond on me. Rishi throws again and it falls on Maasi. Maasi says who is throwing almond on me in this age. Myra sees Rohit and asks if he is trying to flirt with her and reminds that she had tied Rakhi to him. Rohit says he didn’t throw any almond. Rishi comes to them and says he threw almond on her. He takes Myra to side and asks her to convince AK not to marry Tanuja and praises her. Myra agrees and goes. Rishi thinks to talk to Tanuja and thinks she is sad.

Rishi tells Tanuja that their love is not of this birth, but from many births. Tanuja looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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