Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 21st December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Sangram asking his men to capture the moment. Tanu cries and says she will die. Aaliya asks her to die. Tanu says everyone is making Munni sit on their heads and tells her that Abhi was massaging Pragya’s toes. Aaliya says this can’t be true. Tanu asks her to hit her as it was her idea to bring Munni home. Aaliya hits her with pillow. Tanu says she is feeling really bad and hits pillow on her face.

Pragya asks Disha to wait till she checks. Abhi thinks thank god chipkali is here. Sangram’s man asks Abhi what is wrong with his wife and asks why did you tie cloth on your face. Abhi says it is a good shagun. Goon says I want to see your face. Abhi says he has infection and asks if he wants to give mouth to mouth respiration and coughs. Goon asks him to go to doctor

after Sangram’s marriage. Pragya comes to Purab to open the rope. Purab says you are here and says he will not go without Disha who is marrying Sangram. Pragya says Disha is not there. Disha comes there. Purab takes a sigh of relief. Pragya is opening the rope when Disha sees goons coming there and hides with Pragya.

Purab asks goons to go and enjoy the marriage. Goon says you agreed so soon being scared of sangram’s gun. Sangram stands for rounds. The goon wearing Disha’s clothes don’t get up. Abhi asks him to get up. He gets up. Sangram asks goons to take selfie. Pragya opens the rope. Purab hugs Disha and asks if she is fine. Disha says she is fine. He says if anything had happened to you then I would have killed him. He asks why did you agree for marriage. Disha says if anything had happened to you then I would have killed Sangram or myself. Purab asks who is sitting as bride. Pragya asks him to come and says Abhi is there.

Abhi thinks to escape as everyone is busy in marriage. Goon asks him to tie cloth and takes gun. Purab says I will check and go inside. Pragya says we are out and asks him to wait. Abhi comes there and scares them. He says I will play your band. Pragya asks him to hold guitar rightly. She asks him to come out first. Purab asks why did you risk your life. Abhi says I was fulfilling my duty of being elder brother. Purab hugs him.

Sangram takes rounds with goon. Disha thanks Abhi. Purab asks Sangram is marrying whom? Abhi says he is marrying his goon and says they taught him a lesson. Purab says it might be Abhi’s idea. Pragya says unique ideas are his only. Abhi takes the credit. Pragya says she has also helped him. They argue. Purab and Disha say that they have to leave before Sangram catches them.

Sangram and his goons rejoices as Sangram takes the rounds. Pandit ji asks him to fill sindoor. The goon in bridal attire signs no. Sangram says marriage is done and asks why she is feeling shy? Abhi sees goons standing. Purab and Abhi pick the rod while Disha and Pragya hides. They hit the goons.

Sangram catches Abhi, Pragya, Disha and Purab. Abhi calls him donkey and says we made you marry a man as you don’t deserve to marry a woman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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