Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Naira to give prasad to guests, don’t disappear under the table or behind curtains again. Naira smiles. Kartik asks what happened, why are you shy. She says you leave, Dadi asked me to focus on work. He says but I can focus on you. They smile. The lights go off. They all ask servant to check lighting. Aryan says don’t take tension, everything is fine, I have a surprise, a special gift. He shows the Goenka family tree. He says look carefully, this has pics of all Goenka members and a new member too, that’s me. Everyone gets shocked. Aryan says I m Shubham Manish Goenka, Manish and Suwarna’s only son. Naira says yes, we were going to tell everyone, but Shubham surprised us. Kartik says meet my brother Shubham. Naira says he had to stay away

from family, all is well that ends well, we are happy to get him.

Kartik says our family got complete, we don’t want to recall the past moments, we want to enjoy today, so lets celebrate. Aryan says but…. Naira stops him. Everyone claps. A man says congrats Manish, you got such good children. A lady says its good thing that your son came home, these days children leave family. Dadi thanks Singhanias for coming and supporting. Bau ji says its a good thing Aryan came back. Naksh tells Manish and Suwarna that they are inspiration for them. Singhanias leave. Dadi says thank Lord, our respect got saved. Akhilesh says we should thank Kartik and Naira. Manish thanks them. Aryan gets annoyed and goes. Naira says we have to handle Shubham now. Kartik says he shouldn’t feel he is new here. Manish says Suwarna and I also talked about this, we will make him realize he is imp to us. Kartik says yes, who else can understand this better than Maa, we will start this from tomorrow.

Kartik comes to room and sees Lav and Kush playing with the necklace Raghav got. He asks them to give it. They refuse to give it. The necklace falls near Naira. She doesn’t see it. She asks Lav and Kush to sleep. Kartik sends them. He picks the necklace and keeps. Naira says we need to thank Lord for the help, everything got fine between mum and dad, we have to make Shubham’s terms with family better, then it will be happiness around, we have to make him comfortable, do you have any idea. Manish and Suwarna see Aryan sleeping. Manish says he will understand like I did. She says he was sleeping like this when he was a little baby. He says we have faced many problems, we will cross this one too.

Its morning, Kartik scolds Lav and Kush. Naira takes their side. They say Naira is better. Kartik says make her do homework, go school like this. Naira says fine, you go and make breakfast. Manish comes and says maybe Suwarna is not well, she didn’t wake up. Kartik asks shall we call doctor. Naira says no, she got a good peaceful sleep after a long time, take bed tea for her. Manish says I didn’t try this, I haven’t prepared tea till now. Kartik jokes. He says I will make tea. He gives the tray and keeps flowers. They all wish Manish all the best. Dadi and Surekha look on. Naira asks Kartik to switch on exhaust and get break from toaster. Surekha says Naira is making Kartik work. Dadi says you never say you would make food.

Naksh cares for Bhabhimaa. She says charity was imp. He says I can’t tolerate your pain, take rest. She says I will recover soon. He says I m very upset, I will get doctor, I will just come. He goes. Devyaani says we have seen Naksh’s concern for you. Bau ji says he has much worries, what will he manage, I worry for him. Kirti gets Dadi’s call. Dadi asks about Bhabhimaa’s health. Kirti says she has knee pain, Naksh went to call doctor. Dadi says he may fall sick, tell him that its common in this age, you shouldn’t spoil your life. Kirti says Naitik is not here, I will manage, don’t worry. Dadi calls someone.

Suwarna wakes up and sees Manish. He asks her to have tea. She laughs. He says don’t joke on my efforts. She drinks tea and says I m laughing as you did this for the first time, Kartik made this tea right, I know it. He says I get jealous, Kartik called you Maa with love, I felt good, but our sons are not ours completely. She says they will be…. Kartik asks Naira what’s the plan. She says a total fun scheme. Dadi gets a message from Manish. She reads… have lunch with me today, I have to talk something imp. Kartik keeps Manish’s phone. Manish takes his phone. Manish gets Akhilesh’s message. Naira keeps Akhilesh’s phone. Akhilesh gets Suwarna’s message.

Kartik gives Suwarna’s phone and goes. She says how did my phone here. She gets Surekha’s message. Naira keeps Surekha’s phone on the table. Surekha says kids keep phone anywhere. Surekha gets Dadi’s message and worries. Kartik and Naira hide and smile. Naira says we will personally invite Shubham. Raghav spies on Goenka house. Guards ask him to stop. Raghav runs. Guard says a guy was peeping inside the house. Manish says its alright, maybe its media person. Raghav says you thought I won’t come back, how long will you not trust me, this proof will force you to believe me, this proof is stronger than your faith in Naira. Kartik says it can’t be Raghav, I have threatened him yesterday, I can’t take risk, if he reaches Naira….

Everyone dines. Naira gets Raghav’s letter. Kartik says its my parcel and takes the letter. He gets shocked seeing it.

Update Credit to: Amena


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