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Ishqbaaz 22nd December 2017 Episode Written Update

Episode starts with Anika seeing a lady and trying to follow her. Suddenly Anika falls outside the house, Shivaay hears her scream and runs to look for her. Some time back… Carlos hits Shivaay with the bat, Anika gets shocked, Carlos tries to remove the ShivOmRu construction board, Anika runs to Shivaay, Carlos throws the board, Shivaay catches it and puts it back.

Tej burns Shivaay’s childhood memories, Omkara and Rudra run to save Shivaay’s things, rest get shocked and cry. Shivaay challenges Carlos. Omkara and Rudra cry bitterly, Tej stays unmoved. Shivaay beats Carlos. Shivaay says even today ShivOmRu are together and forever will be. Omkara tells Tej that Tej’s hatred for Shivaay will always lose against Omkara and Rudra’s love for Shivaay. In the night, Anika informs about Oberoi Mansion division to Shivaay, he gets shocked and worried about OmRu. Shivaay gets a call from Omkara, they talk on the video call.

Omkara says nothing is fine after Shivaay is gone, Omkara feels guilty and apologizes to Shivaay. Shivaay consoles OmRu and supports them. Shivaay boosts their confidence. Rudra asks Shivaay to come back, Shivaay says he has given promise to Jhanvi, Rudra tells Anika to come back so that Shivaay would be back, Anika refuses. Omkara and Rudra cry. Anika goes to get medicine for Shivaay, OmRu get worried. Shivaay tries to hide the reason of getting injured, Shivaay asks about OmRu’s burn marks.

Aanika makes lep for Shivaay, she hears cycle bell and gets suspicious. Anika goes to check outside, Anika cannot see anyone, she hears the sound again and goes out, Anika sees a lady in dark, Anika tries to talk to her and follows her, Shivaay tells OmRu that he misses them, they have a virtual hug. Anika goes far from the house and loses the track of the way, Anika suddenly falls into the pit and screams Shivaay’s name. Shivaay tells Rudra not to trouble Jhanvi. Gauri sees Shakti coughing on the other side of Oberoi Mansion, she gets worried as no one is in the house, Gauri remembers Tej’s warning, Gauri wonders what to do. Gauri decides to make medicine for Shakti. Shivaay thinks Anika is still making lep. Anika tries to come out of the pit, Shivaay gets worried thinking Anika might have cooked food, he doesn’t find Anika in the kitchen, he looks for Anika. Anika screams Shivaay’s name, Shivaay senses that Anika is in danger. Shivaay looks for Anika outside, Anika tries to stay above the water. Gauri crosses the dividing line. Gauri gives medicine to Shakti, he thanks Gauri. Shakti gets worried about Gauri crossing the line, Gauri says she cannot forget her duty, she tells Shakti that they have to keep this a secret. Shakti blesses Gauri. As Gauri is returning, she sees Tia, the glass falls from Gauri’s hand.


Anika screams Shivaay’s name, Shivaay holds her and pulls her out of the pit.


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