Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Goenkas coming to the hotel and finding each other. They all think who called them. Kartik and Naira surprise them. Kartik says I wanted to celebrate that we are together, we don’t get time to dine together. Akhilesh likes their idea to steal phones. Naira says this empty chair is of Aryan. Kartik says he has come. They all smile.

Aryan doesn’t sit beside Suwarna and goes to sit away. Kartik signs Suwarna. Manish says thanks for coming. Aryan says I came here as I was told that all Goenkas should be here. Dadi thanks Kartik and Naira. Naira says we planned many things. Kartik sees Raghav. Naira stops him. Surekha says we shall order food. Raghav thinks I had to follow you, this post will be delivered now. Naksh worries for Bhabhimaa and takes care

of her. Rajshri asks Kirti to support Naksh, it will increase his courage.

Nurse comes and calls out Kirti. She says I m Mala, Suhasini/Dadi has booked me for Kaveri/Bhabhimaa’s care. Naksh says we don’t need any nurse, thanks, there is some misunderstanding. He sees Kirti. Naira and Kartik step on each other’s foot. They all look at him. Kartik makes excuse. He holds Naira’s hand. Raghav looks on. He says sorry guys, I m sending this envelope to ruin your happiness. He sends the envelope by a waiter. Kartik sees this. He gets up to catch Raghav. Manish gets a jerk. Daal curry falls over his hand. Kartik says sorry and cleans his hand. Aryan scolds him. Kartik says I will get first aid box from the car. He runs out. Raghav’s car doesn’t stop. He gets tensed seeing Kartik. Kartik gets angry and shouts stop. Raghav drives off. Kartik goes back to Naira. Manish says I m fine, Kartik was feeling guilty. Aryan speaks against Kartik. Dadi scolds Aryan and asks him to respect his elder brother. Naira goes to see Kartik. Waiter gives her the envelope. Kartik worries and thinks what’s inside. He takes the letter and says this is my parcel. He lies to her. She asks how did you get late in getting medicine. He says I forgot to lock car, go and apply this medicine to Manish. He goes out and gets angry that Raghav was giving the letter to Naira.

He reads…. Dearest Tina, I m finding you madly since a year, I know you hate me, I m a big loser, you had to get your abortion done because of me, I will never forgive myself for this, trust me I won’t tell this to anyone, just be happy, yours, Raghav. Kartik gets shocked. Kirti asks are you annoyed, I swear I didn’t know about that nurse, but why did you send her, Bhabhimaa would have got professional care, we don’t understand patient’s needs. He says tell me one thing, when we got hurt in childhood, did we need parents or doctor, elders need us in this age, they need personal care, you tell this to Dadi. She nods. Manish asks Naira for Kartik. She goes out to see. She asks what are you doing here, what happened, why do you look so worried. He says yes, this legal documents made me upset, don’t tell this to anyone, I will tell later. She says fine, just check the phone. He asks her to go, he will just come. She goes.

She tells everyone that Kartik is coming. Suwarna signs her to ask. Naira signs nothing. Manish and Naira ask Shubham/Aryan what will he have. Aryan checks the menu and asks the waiter what’s written, put a photo here, get this mudpi… Lav says its mud pie. Aryan asks waiter to get everything, they are rich. Surekha says its so embarrassing. Aryan reacts angrily. Dadi asks him to talk slowly. Naira asks him to sit down. Aryan says I will leave. Naira says everyone will leave together, it was family get together. He asks about Kartik. She says he is busy on call, don’t compete with him. She scolds him. They all leave.

Raghav says I won’t lose, I will do what I want, Kartik has to take me seriously. He hides and sees Kartik and Naira. Naira asks Kartik why is he worried. He says nothing, I m a bit confused. Raghav says they look normal. He asks waiter did he give letter. Waiter says nothing happened, but someone created a scene regarding sweetdish. Raghav says I will expose you, till then celebrate happiness. Kartik thinks of the letter. He tells everyone that he has to say something. They all look at him.

Suwarna gets the letter. She gets shocked reading it. She asks Kartik does he also think that the letter is fake. Naira looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


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