Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 25th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Rohit asking AK why he has stopped Natasha. AK asks her to go and play. Natasha says good and goes. Rohit says she is your daughter and nobody can snatch her from you, says children can’t be bounded and shall be let free to play. AK says what to do, when Natasha herself tells that she wants to go to Rishi. Rohit says your problems will be solved once you gets married. AK says they tried to ruin engagement and worries they will ruin mehendi function too. Manpreet tells Ahana why did she not follow the plan? Ahana says what I could do and tells that they will kidnap her before the wedding. Manpreet says AK is adamant to marry Tanuja, so we have to make her back out. He says Tanuja will apply Rishi’s mehendi and asks her to make sure. Ahana says ok.

Maasi ji asks Rishi

about mehendi designer. Rishi says she will come soon. Ahana comes to Tanuja. Rano stops Ahana from taking Tanuja. Manpreet signs Myra. Myra asks her to come. AK stops her and says mehendi girl came. Mehendi designer comes. Manpreet asks Tanuja to apply the mehendi on her hand brought from her inlaws home. Tanuja gets doubtful and tells AK that she has doubt that this is not the same mehendi which Maasiji soaked in water. She asks him to bring fresh mehendi. AK goes. Tanuja thinks Rishi and thinks she shall not talk to him. She thinks Rishi shall not be infront of me. Rishi comes there and holds her dupatta.

Rishi says what happened, why you are not angry. Tanuja reminds him that he is going to marry soon. Rishi says he told Netra that he loves Tanuja and will be with her. He says you are doing same thing with me. Tanuja says you are doing wrong. Rishi tells her that why she is lying to herself and tells her that he will elope with her before marriage and asks her to decide where she wants to go. He says it is fun to do rasam secretly. Tanuja asks him to shut up.

Manpreet comes and says it is wrong. Rishi says you were listening to us. Manpreet says I was keeping eye on you, so that I can inform if anyone comes. He says we shall get second mehendi and says Tanuja have to apply mehendi of your name. Rishi says your bhabhi catches our lie. Manpreet says he has an idea which he will share with Bedi family. AK asks Rohit to bring mehendi and thinks nobody shall know. Ahana hears them and thinks Tanuja will apply mehendi of Rishi’s name only.

Rishi shares his plan with Beeji that they shall exchange the mehendi cones. Raj says Tanuja refused to apply mehendi and threw the mehendi. Ahana says it was from AK’s house which Maasi soaked, and says now she will think that it will be AK’s mehendi, but it will be of Rishi’s name. AK asks Rohit to bring all mehendi cones and come to him directly. He swears that he won’t let rishi ruin his mehendi. Myra thinks to talk to Tanuja and says her idea can work on her. She tells her that her friend is asking Rishi’s friend and asks her if he will like if any girl talk to him. She says Rishi is cute, adorable and makes friend so easily. Tanuja says you are right. Myra asks then you are marrying her.

Tanuja says AK is not Rishi. Myra says AK can’t be Rishi and praises him. Rohit comes and says I saw her liking him. Myra asks him not to use his mind. Rohit goes to meet AK and give the cones. Tanuja tells her that Rishi is a flirt and had flirted with many. Myra says you are more experienced and you know all that. Tanuja gets upset and goes to Rishi. Rishi says you are here?

Rishi tells Tanuja that they shall elope. Rishi tells her that he don’t like Myra or anyone and just wants to be with her (Tanuja).

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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