Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik saying I have to say something. He sends kids to their room. He goes to Manish and says I just got the news, a lot of people are upset and trying to spoil our other projects, since we got the new project. Manish talks to him. Suwarna asks Naira not to take tension about business, they will manage. Naira says I m having a strange feeling. Kartik thinks I wish I could ask you, but I don’t want to hurt you. Naksh wakes up and asks Kirti what happened. She says I don’t have habit to work for long hours. He says medicines aren’t good, come here. He massages her head. She stops him. He says relax… I can massage your head if I can do this for Bhabhimaa.

Kartik and Naira lie to sleep. She thinks he never sleeps without saying goodnight. Suwarna

sees the main door open. She sees Kartik. The paper flies to her. He runs to take it. She doesn’t give him and asks is your problem related to this paper. Naira wakes up and sees Kartik gone. Kartik asks Suwarna to give the paper. She says you have regarded me mum, I have to know this.

She reads the letter and gets shocked. Naira looks for Kartik. Suwarna says you also feel that this letter is wrong right, tell me. Kartik says I completely trust Naira, Raghav is trying to spoil her image, I won’t let this happen. Suwarna says talk to Naira. He says no, I don’t want to hurt her, I decided I will find the truth. She says Naira is lucky to get you, no one can hurt her. Naira comes and says I woke up, else I would have not known what’s going on here, I didn’t feel good you both didn’t include me in your team. Suwarna smiles and says we were just talking, Kartik loves you a lot. Naira says I also love him a lot, but he doesn’t share his problems with me. Suwarna says I insisted and then he told me, he will handle everything, I m going to make coffee, do you want. They sign no. Suwarna goes. Naira and Kartik argue. She hugs him and asks him not to take tension, everything will get fine.

Its morning, Kirti kisses Naksh. He wakes up and looks at her. She gets shy and goes away. He smiles. He sees her designs. She says no one makes me do any work, so I keep designing these sketches. Suwarna prays for Kartik and Naira’s love and relation. Kartik comes and greets her. She asks about Naira. He says she is fine, I don’t want anyone to get this letter. She says you can burn it. He says no, we want evidence. She asks him to do something of Raghav. Anubhav and Sakshi come home and greet everyone. Sakshi gives them prasad. Sakshi hugs Naira. Kartik says they are good friends.

Sakshi asks Naira about Raghav. Naira says maybe he has run away. Raghav calls Sakshi and says I will call your would be husband if you disconnect the call, I can hear Tina’s laugh there, are you vert happy. She gets tensed. Naira asks her what happened. He says Raghav knows I m here with Anubhav, I m feeling scared.

Raghav sees Kartik, Anubhav going. He says why is Tina so happy, did Kartik not tell her anything. Sakshi says we have to be careful now. Naira says I will see him. They go inside the house. Raghav says I have to play a better game. Naira slips. Kartik holds her. She says sorry. He says it happens sometimes. She says you are there to take care of me. He says yes, how can you get hurt when I m fine. Naira goes. Suwarna comes and says why is Raghav trying to act great, what does this mean, he could have burnt the memories, his motive is something else. He says yes, I was thinking this, why did he cheat Naira, why did he do all this, no I feel I should meet him. Raghav says you can’t get saved Tina. Kartik says I will end this problem from the root. Raghav says Tina’s truth will ruin Naira’s life, get afraid of me Tina, else your past will overpower the present. Kartik says this is my promise to myself, I will not let her past affect her. Naira talks to Negi and thanks him. She says now I will teach a lesson to Raghav.

Sakshi says Raghav cheated me, I got an abortion, you gave your name in hospital, you go instead me even today. Naira looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


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