Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 26th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Rishi asking Tanuja to come and says they will elope secretly. Tanuja holds his hand and asks him to be silent. Rishi says you are in love with me deeply. Tanuja asks him to tell what is going on between Myra and him. She says Rohit told her and asks him to leave Myra and not to flirt with her. Rishi says there is no girl or Myra, just you, I want to stay with you all life. Rohit gives mehendi to AK. AK asks if anyone saw you. Rohit says no and asks why he is tensed. AK says Rishi Singh Bedi is his tension. Rohit asks why did Tanuja do mistake of making him wedding planner. AK scolds him and then says sorry. He says he has blind faith on Tanuja that she will not do anything wrong and says he can leave everything and get married to her.

Tanuja says today is my mehendi. Rishi

says it is our mehendi and asks her not to forget. Tere Bina plays…..Tanuja looks at him and goes. Rishi says I have done all these arrangements for our mehendi. Mehendi designer talks to Beeji and she tells him that Ak’s name is actually Rishi and asks her to write Rishi on Tanuja’s hand. Mehendi designer agrees and says I will go. Ahana tells Manpreet that Beeji convinced Mehendi designer to write Rishi’s name on Tanuja’s hand. They see Rohit with the mehendi and try to get the mehendi come. He calls him friend. Rohit says I know what you are trying to do.

Ahana brings Myra there. Myra praises him and says you are looking handsome. She takes mehendi from his hand and asks him to stand straight. She says I will take your pic and signs Ahana to exchange the cones. Rohit poses for the pics. Myra says I never saw you with this angle. Rohit turns and sees mehendi cones not there. Ahana keeps the plate back. Rohit takes the plate. Rishi comes and asks if the work is done. They praise Myra. Myra says it is a team work.

Rishi says he will apply her mehendi first. Mehendi designer hears them and thinks she will write Rishi’s name due to Beeji. Rishi talks to Beeji. Beeji says Tanuja heard them. She gets angry on Rishi and says nothing will happen as you thought. Rishi thinks to apply mehendi on her hand. Rishi talks to Natasha and she says she will help him. Rishi laughs. Natasha says she wants to have icecream. AK comes and asks her to come. Natasha says she is going with Mr. handsome to have icecream. Mehendi designer looks at the cones. Manpreet tells Raj that the mehendi cones are from their house. He asks him to see what happens next. Maasi asks Designer to show designs to Tanuja. Natasha sees mehendi and says she wants to apply too. Rishi asks her to go. Maasi says both of you can apply mehendi. Tanuja asks Natasha to select the design. Rishi comes and sits beside Tanuja.

Lawyer suggests Rishi to marry Netra. Rishi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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