Tu Aashiqui 26th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Pankti asking Ahaan what’s all this, why is he making fun of himself, what shall she do to stop him. He says you love me, you were there in marriage function and stopped the thieves. She says you are falling in a trap, why can’t you understand this, I can’t tolerate this, look here. She shows him the video and says JD has sent this to me, that’s why I m here, he is keeping an eye on you, you can’t win. Ahaan says I can’t win when you don’t support me, I can’t get free from JD till I free you, the thing is I can accept anything, my insult, your annoyance, but I can’t accept your sold tag. She cries. He asks her to just do one thing for him.

He keeps her hand on his heart and says promise me, you won’t show your face to me for the next seven days,

I promise I will come and get you freed, just trust me. Pankti promises. He asks her to save the tears, they will fall for right reason, for happiness. Pal do pal…plays…. She thinks how can he be so sure. He thinks love gives this courage to him. She leaves. Jagdish records them.

JD gets the video and smiles. Sheetal comes and asks him why did he not go for meeting. JD gets tensed. She reminds him the meeting. She asks him to show the video. She gets shocked seeing Ahaan’s video. He lies that his friend has sent this to him, he is much hurt seeing this, Ahaan is insulting even their family, don’t know what will Manav and Aparna go through. She says I don’t know why is Ahaan losing his manners. JD acts helpless and smiles.

Pankti says Ahaan made me swear. Purva says but love is true, talk to him, he needs you. Pankti says he asked me to stay away. Purva says what would he do, talk to him. Purva calls Ahaan. He asks did Pankti tell everything to you, she scolded me, I can do anything for Pankti. Pankti says I was so ashamed to see this. He says I also feel ashamed to see you sold, I want to save you from all problems, you are coming in my way, I can’t let anyone come in between your freedom, not even you. He ends call. They miss each other. Aparna comes to Ahaan. Ahaan tells her everything about the kitty party. She says I won’t let JD do anything. Sheetal calls out Ahaan.

Ahaan and Aparna go downstairs. Sheetal asks Ahaan why did he perform in kitty party, why does he want to earn money. Ahaan says I didn’t know such thing will happen there, I told mom too. Sheetal asks Aparna why did she not stop Ahaan if she knew this. She scolds Ahaan. She says Ahaan was performing between strippers in the party. They all get shocked. She asks Ahaan to tell him the need to go there. Aparna recalls Ahaan’s words and says I will tell you, the reason is same, love, someone has challenged Ahaan to earn ten crores in ten days, so Ahaan is doing this without thinking for anything. Vikram worries and sees JD. Sheetal asks who. Ahaan looks on.

Aparna invites Anita and family for Mata ki chowki at their home. She says I will be waiting for my bahu.

Update Credit to: Amena


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