Ishqbaaz 27th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Shivaye encourages Anika. Veer says I m sure you won’t forget the time spend with us all your life, cheers to our new friendship. Veer asks for olive oil. Anika gets shocked seeing the woman in kitchen. Some time before, Anika asks who are you, I will expose you today. She goes after the woman. She hears the bell sound. She falls back and sees the woman approaching her, while ringing the bell. Anika screams and asks her to get away. She throws cushions and thinks at her. She gets away and shuts her ears. Shivaye calls out Anika. He says this is Shivaye…. She opens the door and hugs him. She says that woman was ringing the bell, she was behind me, I have thrown things at her, come I will show you. She takes him to hall and asks how did this happen, how did it get fine, I have thrown things at

her, believe me, I m saying truth. He says the day was tough, come with me. The woman holds the broken vase pieces.

Its morning, Shivaye hugs Anika. She cries and says I know you must be thinking I m mad, I m hallucinating, but I have really seen that woman. He says relax, you are mad but in the best possible way, just forget this, I know you are feeling homesick, its tough for you to stay away from family, they consider me the great wall of SSO, but every wall stands on a strong foundation, you are my foundation Anika, you have tolerated a lot, but never complaint, but I know we will overcome all the problems, you are my strength, and I m your strength, we will face everything together, we will conquer over our fears and enemies. She repeats his lines. She says you are more of a tadibaaz than Ishqbaaz. He says you lighter any emotional moment by cracking a joke, so Anika…. no more of fooling around now, I promise you, even if my soul departs from body, I will never get away from you. He hugs her.

Shivaye introduces Anika to Monali. Anika says you are a great GL. He says Griha Laxmi. Monali gives the sweetdish and says its because of love, not needs, we have come here for the first time, Shivaye can have this, its sugar free. Anika asks how do you know. Veer says Shivaye told us. Anika thinks I have to become perfect GL like her. Shivaye asks what will they have. Monali says I will have juice. Veer says I will take wine, don’t treat us like guests, I will get it. They have drinks. Veer says I m sure you won’t forget the time spend with us all your life, cheers to our new friendship. Shivaye asks why did Shweta not come. Monali says she went to school. Shivaye says she is a very bright kid, you guys sit, I shall start barbecue and come.

Anika says Shivaye give them company, I will go. He says you don’t know anything about barbecue. Anika says I shall do it. He says you should be here, I will do. Anika says he doesn’t let me work, I will manage. He says I shall just go. She says let me sit my impression. She goes. He worries for the kitchen. He continues talking to Veer. Anika thinks how will this work, I told big things to impress them, Shivaye will scold me now. Veer comes to that side and sees her. She sees the barbecue sticks and dances. Veer smiles. He goes back.

Shivaye asks does Veer know Tai-chi, oh… Veer comes smiling. Shivaye asks anything funny. Veer says your wife. Shivaye says she is funny, what happened. Veer says she doesn’t know cooking right. Shivaye says yes, she likes cooking but I don’t encourage her, she wants to prove herself as a good GL. Monali says you are lucky that she is putting efforts. Shivaye says yes, I m blessed, she is lovely. Veer asks shall I help her in kitchen. Shivaye says no. Veer says she is looking really lost there. Shivaye says just kidding, you can go. Veer goes.

Shivaye asks Monali for laddoo recipe. Veer comes to Anika and says you should watch the video of user manual than barbecue recipe, I know you can’t cook this. She asks how do you know. He smiles and asks can I help you. She says no, I will manage. He says just treat me as my friend, don’t be formal, barbecue is my speciality. She says fine and sides away. He helps her and asks for olive oil. She turns and gets shocked seeing the woman. He asks Anika to pass olive oil. He says forget it, I will get it. He gets the oil and says you must cook food on low flame. Anika gets shocked when the woman disappears. He says I have prepared this, you just have to rotate it, else the vegetables will get burnt. He goes. She thinks what’s happening, that woman was here, I could see her, why didn’t Veer see her, where did that woman go. She says I should focus here, else vegetables will get burnt. She gets scared when an explosion occurs. She runs to Shivaye and says vegetables just exploded. He gets worried.

Gauri comes to Tia. Tia asks you..Gauri asks how did you know its me. Tia says I reacted instinctively like this. Gauri thinks she reacted this on seeing me, she is just blind. Tia thinks does she know that I m not blind, I have to play it smart. Gauri comes in her way. Tia asks her to sit. Gauri says you can see everything right, I was in front of you, you didn’t bumped into me and moved aside, you know where the sofa is, it means you are not blind. Tia says I wish this was true, we try visualizing from heart, I know this room’s geography. Gauri asks her about the red paint. Tia says my whole life is dark now. Gauri asks yes, but how did this come here. Tia thinks I m gone now. She asks are you talking about the paint can, painting is my hobby, I try to paint even now, you can check my painting if you don’t believe me.

Gauri says I don’t know why, I feel you can see everything. Tia says you shouldn’t fill negativity in someone’s life, please leave from my room. Gauri says its not your room, you came here as guest, now it looks you are here to settle down, don’t you have your own house. Tia asks how rude, you are humiliating me like this, just leave my room. Gauri gets a cream box. She thinks if Tia is not blind, she will try to dodge and save herself. Tia thinks I have to save this, else our mission will be incomplete. Anika asks Shivaye to see. She sees everything fine in kitchen. He says vegetables got burnt because of overcooking, its okay.

Anika says no, vegs got exploded. Monali asks how can vegs explode. Shivaye says yes, vegs can’t explode. Anika says vegs exploded and scattered, it was all messy here. He says everything is fine. She says you trust me right. He says okay, relax, it must have been a spark. She asks why don’t you believe me. Veer says imp thing is Anika is fine. Shivaye says yes, she is fine, that’s imp. She says sorry. Monali says it happens sometimes, maybe you look much stress because of sudden plan of brunch. He says she is right, you don’t need to worry, can we order a pizza. Veer says absolutely. Anika gets thinking.

Anika says I m not doing anything right, you are just managing things, its my work to manage, Monali is a perfect GL, I can’t do anything. Shivaye says you will never do anything.

Update Credit to: Amena


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