Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira asking Sakshi to tell truth to Anubhav, he may understand. Sakshi says no, my marriage will break, Raghav will have more enmity now. Naira says yes, he should get caught. Kartik says I didn’t find anything about Raghav, don’t know where did he go, he can harm Naira. Suwarna asks him not to think anything such. Raghav packs gift and says I will come in the party and give gifts to the family, Naira will be ruined. He sings jingle bells….

Naira hears Raghav’s voice and wakes up. She goes to see. Raghav says its good you came here, you fool, I was in your car when you tried to get me arrested, I was planning to come here, you don’t need to be shocked, I have to give you more surprised, Goenka family your bahu, Naira aka Tina loved me,

she got pregnant, then she got an abortion, she became Goenkas bahu thinking her past will change if she changes her name. They all get shocked. Naira says he is lying. Dadi slaps her. She says I told Kartik not to blindly trust you, but he didn’t agree. Naira sees Kartik and cries. She says Raghav is lying, trust me. Kartik beats Raghav and says I completely trust my Naira. She wakes up. Kartik asks was it a bad dream, dreams at this timing don’t get fulfilled. She says but the ending was good. He says dreams get half fulfilled.

She smiles and hugs him, asking him to be with her always. Naira prays to Lord. Kids come and make their wishes. They decorate the tree. Kartik says the Santa who was coming home got ill, I will become Santa. Naira says I will become Santa. They fight. Dadi comes and asks why are you fighting. They tell the matter. Dadi asks them to say a tongue twister and then she will decide. Naira fails. Kartik completes the tongue twister. Dadi says Kartik will become Santa. Naira says I want a chance. Kartik jokes. Dadi laughs and goes. Naira sees Aryan and says he should become Santa, he would involve in party well. Kartik saves the tree from falling.

Aryan looks on and thinks I will become Santa, it will be fun. He hears Dadi and Surekha saying it will be good as Kartik is becoming Santa. Naira and Kartik come to him to ask him to become Santa. Aryan refuses and goes. Naira says he is annoyed, its okay. He says everyone will get upset if he doesn’t get involved. Suwarna tells Manish that she will give gifts to Kartik personally this time, but she has no courage to gift Shubham.

He says Shubham will understand you, your sons will be with you, get gifts for all children, get a special gift for Shubham. Aryan passes by and hears Manish saying about Kartik’s gift. He gets upset. Kirti says Dadi invited us, shall I tell her we will come. Baisa says no, they would have invited you and Naksh, else she would have called us. Bhabhimaa says no, we stay in same house. Kirti gives charger to Naksh. Rajshri finds some tension between them. Kartik dressed as Santa, comes to Naira. He gets mesmerized seeing Naira. He holds her hand. He stops her and jokes. She asks him to give gifts as he is Santa. Raghav gets ready as Santa.

He calls Kartik and says I will leave Tina if you can pay me a price, meet me. Kartik gets angry. Naira and kids dance in the party. Everyone wish Merry Christmas. Sakshi worries about Raghav and talks to Naira. Anubhav comes and asks what happened, all well. Naira says yes, all well, I was giving tips to Sakshi for a good married life. He scolds a waiter. Sakshi says he reacted such when a waiter came close by mistake, how shall I tell him the truth, Anubhav and his family will not understand this. Manish takes Suwarna to Aryan. They give the gift.

Manish hugs Aryan. A guest takes Manish along. Suwarna wishes Aryan. He throws the gift away. Naira looks on. Aryan says I would have considered this special if Manish gifted, but you have touched this too, I don’t accept this, I will keep you away from your rights. She cries. Kids ask where is the Santa. Santa arrives. Everyone smiles.

Raghav gives a gift to Dadi. Dadi thanks and opens the gift.

Update Credit to: Amena


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