Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 28th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Vyom asks Sharanya who it can be. CCTV footage also shows that she had the same knife. She insists that it does not mean she killed papa. How will it benefit her? Do you remember that she saw papa scared and running? It is much deeper than it appears to be. The secret is also too big. He tells her to relax. We only succeed in something when our mind and heart is at peace. We wont spare the culprit, be it human or spirit. You need to rest first. He makes her lie down. He sits next to her holding her hand. God made space in between our fingers so when someone else holds our hand, they fill the gaps. I want to share your pain. I cannot fill up for Ram Uncle but I will surely find the one who has killed Ram Uncle. Take some rest. She closes her eyes. She looks at him as he removes her sandals. Vyom

slides his fingers over her eyes and kisses her on the forehead. She falls asleep holding his hand. His eyes are welled up. He covers her with a duvet and goes. Sharanya opens her eyes just then and cries. People may or may not believe it but I know that it is you who has killed my papa! Madhvi asks her if she is sure. Do you really know who killed your papa? Sharanya is surprised to see her there. Madhvi says you don’t even know who is behind all this. I warned you so many times to leave Vyom but you dint listen to me. Now you will have to bear whatever will happen. Destruction has just begun. Now this house will be doomed! This house will be punished for its mistakes. You will find out everything real soon as dead don’t sit quietly after death! Now even the dead bodies will speak. You want to know who that spirit it that is behind you. Sharanya nods. Madhvi is about to take the name when Vyom interrupts her. She requests him to let her tell Sharanya but he pulls her outside. Let her rest. She is upset. Madhvi replies that she wont be able to rest ever. Let me tell her what she has done. He takes her out of the room.

Sharanya follows them. Madhvi insists she isn’t mad. Sharanya should know. Let me talk to her. I have seen him. He is Shiv! Sharanya hears it. Vyom tells his mom to stop it and takes her to her room. Madhvi keeps begging him to listen. Sharanya is about to go after them when the landline rings. It is Freddy. He asks for Sharanya. She confirms it is her. He shares that he is Odhni’s friend. She is about to keep the phone down when he takes Shiv’s name. I found a really big clue about him. Sharanya stops in her tracks. About whom? Rajan is also listening to their call. Freddy says it is the spirit of Shiv who is around Sharanya 24×7. He gives her a location to meet him after 15 minutes. He ends the call hurriedly.

Madhvi mumbles to herself as Vyom puts her to sleep. He is back. He wont spare anyone. he will take his revenge. Rajan asks him if everything is fine. Vyom says mom was saying anything. Rajan tells her to take care of Sharanya. I will look after your mom. Vyom leaves. Rajan says you (Madhvi) cannot stay in control but you are messing up with everyone’s lives. You have become like alcohol. Stop adding poison on the life of our kids. She holds his hand. Not me, but he will add poison in our lives. He will take his revenge. Understand that he is back in the house with Sharanya. He wont spare anyone. He will kill all of us! I don’t want to lose you and Vyom. I love you. Do something. Please save us. She cries hugging him.

Vyom comes to his room but does not see Sharanya. He calms down thinking she is in bathroom. She almost kills me with her absence. He shouts after her that he is going to bring milk and medicines for her. Freshen up. The bathroom is empty.

Sharanya reaches the place told by Freddy. Freddy appears right behind her in a wounded state. She asks him what he wants to tell her. Say it. He tells her to leave. She reminds him that it was he who called her here. Why are you telling me to go away? You know something about Shiv right? Tell me who he was. I wont leave till the time I find out something about that spirit. He tells her to leave or he will kill her. She goes. Freddy falls down with a thud. He is stabbed on the back. There is more to the story than I know. There is some secret behind Shiv’s death. Sharanya is under the effect of her biggest enemy. He breathes his last. Shiv looks on.

Odhni is sleeping in her cell when she sees visions of bloodied knife and Freddy. She wakes up with a start. Are you fine Freddy? A lady Inspector gives her uniform. Odhni agrees to wear them. Please allow me to make a call. Lady Inspector disagrees. Odhni is concerned about Freddy.

Someone pulls Freddy’s body away.

Sharanya comes to her room. It is all dark. Vyom lights candles. Did you take a bath? She nods. I was going to sleep. He says faith is strength while doubt is weakness which breaks the strongest relations. You don’t trust me right? She declines. He says your lie is enough to tell me you don’t trust me. I told you not to love me but atleast trust me. I have neither of the two now. She cries. I am sorry. He tells her to give him a chance to win her trust. She says I thought you wont let me go so I left on my own. He speaks of her going stealthily to meet Dr. Amit. Where did you go this time? She recalls Madhvi’s words and what Freddy had told her. Do you know someone by the name Shiv? He says question is not answer to another question. She asks for her answer. He says it is about your life. She insists upon him to tell her if he knows Shiv.

Precap: Sharanya says I want to know who has killed my papa. He retorts that it is Odhni who has killed her papa. There is no spirit. He bangs something on the floor and a piece of it hurts Sharanya. Shiv lifts Vyom in the air holding his throat.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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