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Ishqbaaz 28th December 2017 Episode Written Update: RiKara in Goa

Episode starts with Shivaay thinking that the CCTV camera would show him who is troubling Anika. Anika hears a sound a gets up with a shock, Anika goes to the door with the hockey stick and gets shocked.

Some time back… Anika cries in the night and apologizes to Shivaay for ruining the brunch. Anika feels sad that she is creating only mess since they have come to Goa and Shivaay is trying to rectify everything. Anika praises Monali. Shivaay consoles Anika and tells her that Anika is special and strong. Shivaay praises Anika and makes her smile. Shivaay tells Anika not to change herself. Shivaay and Anika hug. Shivaay puts Anika to bed. Gauri throws the phone at Tia, Tia gets hurt, Tej and Omkara come in, Tia blames Gauri.

Tej refuses to listen to Gauri. Tej tells Omkara to take Gauri away. Shivaay installs CCTV in the room and decides to find out who is troubling Anika. Someone sees Shivaay and his activities on the laptop. In the morning, Omkara gets worried as Gauri calls the doctor. Gauri says she called the doctor for Tia, Gauri says she is feeling guilty and hence has called famous eye doctor to get Tia checked. Tia gets worried and tries to avoid. Omkara supports Gauri.

Tia tells Om and Gauri to take the doctor to her room and that she will go to the washroom and come. Tia gets angry. The doctor checks Tia and confirms that Tia really cannot see. Flashback shows Tia putting a medicine in the eyes for temporary blindness. Tia instigates Tej against Gauri, Tej gets angry with Gauri, Jhanvi supports Tej and blames Gauri. Omkara supports Gauri and apologizes to Tia, Tej insists that Gauri should apologize to Tia. Gauri apologizes to Tia. In the morning, Anika hears the knock on the door, Anika gets up and decides to beat up the mystery woman. Anika goes to the door with the hockey stick. Anika opens the door and gets shocked to see Omkara, Gauri, and Rudra. Rikara and Rudra get scared, Anika gets excited and starts questioning them. Shivaay comes from behind, Anika hits Shivaay unknowingly. Later, Oberoi brothers cook together, Shivaay and Anika argue. Gauri tells Anika to show her the house. Rudra hands over Olive oil to Shivaay, Rudra and Omkara make fun of Shivaay. Shivaay runs after Omkara and Rudra, Obros brothers have an Obro moment. ShivOmRu get emotional, Omkara asks Shivaay to come back to Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay says he cannot return to Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay says he cannot break the promise given to Jhanvi. Shivaay says even if they are not close, they are together. Omkara says they are not happy and will not be happy till they are in the same house. Shivaay says he cannot break his promise, Shivaay says he has diverted Svetlana by making her believe that Shivaay knows about Kalyani Mills more than her. Shivaay says he has hired detectives and as soon as he gets proofs they will have Oberoi family’s name cleared. OmRu say they also will stay in Goa, Shivaay tells them they have to be with the family to look after them. Shivaay tells Omkara and Rudra to keep the family together. Shivaay hopes that the Vanvas would get over soon.


In the party, a big clown gives a gift to Anika, Anika opens it and gets shocked, the clown holds Anika by her throat and says it is not over Anika. In the next year, she would be his. The clown picks up Anika on his shoulder, Shivaay sees the clown while the clown challenges Shivaay to come after him.


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