Kumkum Bhagya

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 28th December 2017 Episode Written Update; Tanuja Breaks Rishi’s Heart

The Episode starts with Ak telling Rishi that he will prove in court that he is not married to Netra. He says he will win now. Lawyer says whatever charges you have put on Tanuja will be lifted. AK says Tanuja will be my wife after two days. Rishi gets angry. AK says I will teach you a lesson. Manpreet takes him. Netra tells Rishi that they have to think wisely about what to do. Manpreet says we have to hold his weakness. Rishi asks Manpreet to call his lawyer. Tanuja comes and asks what happened? Tanuja slips, AK holds her and says he will keep her happy, safe and will keep her away from all pain. Tanuja thanks him. AK says my friendship will occupy the place of love. Tanuja says love can only take its place.

Lawyer suggests Rishi to marry Netra to get Natasha in the custody case. He says if Judge

comes to know that you aren’t married then same accusation will be on you, else you will lose your daughter for forever. She says you have to take the last decision. Rano asks him to marry Netra for Natasha. Rishi goes to Tanuja. AK is angry. Rohit calms him down. AK stops Rishi and asks where you are going. Rishi says I am going to Tanuja. AK says she don’t want you in her life. Rishi asks him to move from his way. AK asks him to be just guest. Rishi gets drunk and says I saw for the first time, that a bride is not allowed to talk to anyone. AK says nobody talks to bride such cheap things and says she is fed up of you. Rishi says Tanuja and goes near her. He asks her to leave everything and come to his world. Tanuja is silent. Rishi asks her to return for Natasha and promises never to hurt her again, says I love you very much. He asks her to say something. Tanuja asks why you are making me embarrassed and asks him to come with her. Raj tells Manpreet that Rishi has done wrong today.

Tanuja and Rishi go to room. She asks what do you want Rishi? Rishi says I want you. Tanuja says you can’t get me now and says how to make you explain in many languages. He says it is our world. Tanuja says it is not our world. She says you will tell same thing again and says she herself will go. Rishi asks her to hear him for last. Tanuja says I want to say….He feels drowsy and asks her to return for Natasha. Tanuja says I know you will make me weak emotionally and will tell this, and says I don’t want to talk to you and asks him to leave. She says she will be happy with AK and Natasha.

Rishi asks then who am I? Tanuja says you are my past who shatters me, gives me pain, who is not with me, but still in my hands, have given me wounds and says she don’t want this pain. She says what you used to say that I am your respect and says you ruined my respect to take revenge on AK. She says I can’t look at anyone now and says people will think that I am at fault and must have told you. She folds her hands and says I am tired, just go. Rishi says I love you. Tanuja pushes him and says I don’t love you. She says she is very happy without him. She says you have tortured AK a lot, and he was forced to believe that I will leave him and will go to you. She says I will never leave AK for you and knows to respect women and me. He stood by me and never questioned me. I told him many times that I love Rishi, but he never said anything. She says she loved Rishi who was just hers, and not of Netra’s husband and Tania’s father. She asks him to leave her with her family. Rishi thinks how to make you believe that I love her.

Rishi tells Tanuja infront of everyone that he loves her a lot and when she is not with him then he will die. He says he is leaving for forever and asks her to take care. He is about to leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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