Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 29th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Epi begins with Sharanya asking Vyom if he knows Shiv. He declines and switches on the lights. He turns to go but she points out that trust is between 2 people. I have it on you and you should trust me. Please tell me who this Shiv is. Vyom recalls Madhvi’s words. You are saying all this after what mom said? She is drunk. She said something wrong earlier too. Sharanya shares that Freddy also took Shiv’s name. He told me that the spirit is of a guy named Shiv. Do you know him? Vyom’s expression turns to anger.

Rajan is sitting on the armchair. Chandni moves her finger on his cheek. You seem tired and tensed but I assure you I wont let anything happen to you. You saw how I blamed Odhni for everything. I dint even let you know. I wont let anything happen to you! I saved my life by saving

you as you are my life. I really love you! He pushes her away. Are you out of your mind? Don’t blame me falsely. You literally sat in my lap
Don’t act to care or save me to get me! Understand that you were my shauk which is over. Madhvi is my life which I have to live with for my entire life. There might be problems between us but I love her. Don’t even dream of taking her life ever! This (floor) is what you deserve! He walks away upset. She thinks he isn’t as innocent as he seems to be. When I saw running, I saw you running after him. Ram disappeared then. You are certainly involved in his murder. I still have one card. She looks at the same video. I will use it at the right time.

Sharanya asks Vyom again. You know him? Why don’t you tell me who he is? Say something. Vyom accepts that he knows Shiv shocking Sharanya. Shiv looks at them. There was a guy who used to harass you when I was doing concert in US. Now that we are talking about it, think if there wasn’t a guy who used to harass you all the time! She recalls telling someone about it in the past. There was someone. I used to be worried and scared. Vyom nods. He was the same guy. When I came back I found out that you had to go to my father to seek his help. Your papa was in Devprayag. Think about it. She again remembers going to Rajan seeking help to protect her. Vyom assures her that that guy dint trouble her again afterwards. You dint say anything afterwards. That was the end. She asks him why he dint tell her this earlier. He reasons that the chapter was closed. Why would I tell you about her? She says I cannot believe it that you dint tell me this. His spirit bothers me! He dint let me live peacefully when he was alive. I don’t know what he will do now. He asks her how she is sure it is Shiv. She shares that Freddy told her it is Shiv. He is back. Vyom demands to know what else Freddy told her. He would have surely said something else too. She shares that she went to meet him but he dint tell me anything else. Vyom insists that how would he tell you when he does not know. She again asks about Shiv. Is he alive or not? He replies that that’s not his business. She argues with him as to why he cannot understand what she is chasing. Sharanya says I want to know who has killed my papa. He retorts that it is Odhni who has killed her papa. There is no spirit. You sometimes fall in Amit’s words and sometimes in Freddy’s words. What’s wrong with you! He bangs something angrily and a piece of it hurts Sharanya. Shiv looks at her wound.

Lady Inspector gives a bag to Odhni to put her clothes and stuff into. She changes into her uniform and gets her phone out. It has Freddy’s voice mail. He tells her about Shiv. I have called Sharanya at Mall Road to tell her everything. He leaves the recorder on for her to listen to their conversation. She hears his convo with Sharanya and Freddy’s last words. Lady Constable snatches phone from her hand and slaps her for acting smart. Odhni requests her to allow her to make one phone call but Constable refuses. She gets concerned for Freddy.

Vyom rushes to Sharanya’s side and apologizes noticing her wound in concern. The door of their room opens as Shiv enters. He throws Vyom around the room thereby hurting him. Sharanya tries saving him but Vyom tells her to move aside. Shiv lifts Vyom in the air holding his throat. Sharanya points out that what she said was true. He is here. Leave him! Vyom’s hands are pushed back to their limit and he shouts in pain. He clutches onto his throat with his other hand. Sharanya thinks what to do. She recalls that fire is Shiv’s weakness. She runs into the house temple and lifts a diya. She moves it closer to Vyom. Shiv stares at the diya and then goes. Vyom is released.

Sharanya tells Vyom what just happened proves that I was right. He is still here. He agrees with her this time. He killed Ram Uncle as he found out some secret about him. We have to find out the secret first. We will be able to tackle this spirit then only. I promised to support you always in the wedding vows. I am with you in your decision now. We will find him together. He extends his hand and she keeps her hand in his. Vyom looks around. I have promised Sharanya we will find you. Shiv looks on.

Sharanya helps him sit down and then lights the candles in her room. You came in our life on our own. You hurt all those I love. You snatched my papa from you but not anymore! Now it is your time to be scared of us. Shiv smiles hearing it. Wind blows out all the candles shocking her.

Shayari –

Mera har zirk, har ik khayal tere bare me tha
Tu tha dariya, main kashti leke kinare pe tha
Tune socha hi nahi chhod ke jaane wale
Main to zinda his mohabbat ke sahare pe tha

(My every conversation, every thought was about you. You were river and I was standing on the shore with my boat. You (the one who left me) dint think that I was alive only because of love.)

Precap: Vidyut calls Sharanya. I have the letter which you wrote to your papa before your accident. You have written something about Shiv in it. She is shocked to hear it. Vidyut kisses the letter. He is startled to see something (Shiv maybe) that very moment.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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