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Ishqbaaz 29th December 2017 Episode Written Update; Anika Kidnapped!

Episode starts with Gaur, Omkara and Rudra making a trap to catch the mysterious woman troubling Anika. Anika goes after the woman, Rudra puts a blanket on the woman, everyone sees the woman. Some time back… Gauri praises the Goa house.

Anika tells Gauri that she missed her and the family, Gauri, and Anika get emotional. Anika praises herself and calls herself a perfect Griha Lakshmi. Gauri opens one cupboard, things fall out, Anika blames Shivaay, Anika takes Gauri to show her room, Gauri sees the locked room and gets curious. Anika gets disturbed thinking about the woman. Rudra comes to call them for lunch, Rudra also gets curious about the room, Anika starts getting scared. Rudra tries to open the door, the woman is seen inside, Anika stops Rudra and looks baffled.

Rudra still tries to open it, the woman gets ready with the gun and points it at the door. Anika gets scared, the door opens slightly, Gauri notices Anika’s condition and stops Rudra from going in. Rudra and Gauri question Anika. Over the lunch, ShivOmRu and AniRi discuss the mysterious woman. Shivaay says he has installed CCTV cameras. Rudra, Gauri and Omkara console Anika and boost her up. They decide to catch the woman, Gauri says she has made the plan already.

Everyone waits for Gauri to tell the plan, Gauri tells them. In the night, Gauri tells Anika to make the drama of sleeping and gives her a Bluetooth. Shivaay and Anika sleep. Rudra, Gauri, and Omkara hide and keep a watch. Suddenly they hear a sound, Anika gets up and goes out of the room, she sees the woman and goes after her, Shivaay boosts Anika’s confidence. The woman suddenly turns, Rudra puts a blanket on her, Gauri beats her, Shivaay calls the police, Gauria nd Anika tie up the woman. anika says thank you to all. Gauri takes off the blanket. Shivaay questions the woman, Police come, Inspector recognizes the woman as Julie and says she is a thief, Police arrest Julie. Shivaay says now no one will trouble Anika. Rudra says they should party, Shivaay agrees. Rudra says the party will be in carnival style. There is a big carnival party, Anika gets excited to see everything and praises Shivaay. He praises Anika, she blushes. Shivaay hints at kissing Anika at midnight, both argue cutely. Veer and Monali join in the party, Shivaay and Anika welcome them. Omkara and Gauri come for the party, they argue cutely about who took more time for getting ready. Omkara comes close to Gauri and leaves her hair open, Omkara praises Gauri. Tej looks for Om, Rudra, and Gauri, Tej and Pinky argue. Tej tells Jhanvi to call Omkara, Dadi tells them that Om, Rudra, and Gauri are where they are supposed to be, Dadi also gets ready to leave. Dadi says there is no happiness left in Oberoi Mansion. Dadi reveals that Om, Rudra, and Gauri have gone to Shivaay and Anika as they want to welcome the new year happily. Tej and Jhanvi get shocked. Dadi says she is going to Haridwar, away from them. Dadi leaves.


The clown gives a gift to Anika, she opens and gets shocked, the clown catches Anika’s face in his hands and says in the new year she will be his, the clown picks Anika on his shoulder, Shivaay sees them and gets shocked. The clown challenges Shivaay.


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