Kumkum Bhagya

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 29th December 2017 Episode Written Update; Tanuja Rushes to Rishi

The Episode starts with AK tells everyone that function will start in sometime. Tanuja tells AK that she wants to tell him what did he say. AK asks him to look in his eyes and says you are not wrong, you left him because of the painful past and asks her not to lower her eyes. She says nobody has the right to give you character certificate when I am with you. Tanuja says thank you. Rishi comes there and says I am leaving for forever. He asks Tanuja to take care and thinks please stop me for one last time. Tanuja doesn’t look at him and holds AK’s hands. Rishi says I loved Tanuja very much and never loved anyone. He says Rishi Singh bedi is dead for her, she left me and held your hand. He asks AK not to leave Tanuja and says you will get such girl only after births. He says Tanuja and Rishi’s love

story is ended. Everyone looks sad.

Rishi walks out of AK’s house. Manpreet asks Tanuja to stop his brother. AK comes infront of him. Manpreet runs to stop Rishi. Rishi sits in car. Manpreet says I will come with you.

Rishi drives the car and goes. AK asks Tanuja to take rest. Tanuja asks why you are so good. AK thinks I love you, and says you are good, why anyone will do bad with you. Tanuja says people here will think how I am? She says didn’t you think that I gave hope to him. Ak says it is your decision to choose the life partner and says your wish is acceptable to me. He asks her to come. They go to Mehendi designer. AK asks Mehendi designer to apply mehendi on her hand.

Netra tells Beeji that she made Natasha and Tania slept. She says we shall go home. Rano says there is no point to stay here. AK asks them to wait for Tanuja’s mehendi as says you are her family. Raj says this is my daughter’s mehendi and we shall stay. Beeji asks Raj why did you say? Raj says lets see what is in destiny. Rishi is driving the car and thinks about Tanuja’s words. Tanuja also thinks about Rishi. Mehendi designer asks her to give hand. Tanuja shows her hand. Mehendi designer sees the mehendi on her hand. Tanuja asks her to hide it with the design.

Rishi thinks about Tanuja’s rejection. He drives the car neglecting the stop sign board. Maasi asks mehendi designer to write AK’s name. Designer looks at Beeji. Beeji asks her to write AK’s name. Rishi sees drums on the road and hits the car with the tree. He takes Tanuja’s name before meeting with an accident. Tanuja runs leaving her mehendi. AK gets shocked when she tells him that she wants to go to Rishi. She asks Manpreet where is Rishi. Manpreet says he is not picking the car.

Tanuja takes auto and asks driver to drive. AK comes out and asks Manpreet where is she? Manpreet says she has gone where she shall be. Tanuja asks driver to take her in jungle area. AK comes back to party devastated. Maasi hugs him. AK cries. Netra looks at Rano. Maasi asks AK to come with her. Auto driver stops the auto and says he can’t drive as there is a board of stop. Tanuja gets inside the jungle area although the workers there ask her to stop. She sees Rishi unconscious in car.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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