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Ishqbaaz 1st January 2018 Episode Written Update

Episode starts with Anika getting kidnapped by the clown. Anika is seen unconscious, a big man takes the mask off. Some time back… Shivaay introduces Omkara, Rudra and Gauri to Veer and Monali. Veer praises Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra’s brotherhood.
Shivaay catche everyone’s attention, Dancers dance in the Carnival on Senorita song, Shivaay – Anika, Omkara – Gauri, Veer and Monali join in the dance. Shivaay keeps his phone on the tray while taking the drink from a waiter, the phone goes through some people in the carnival and lands up in other waiter’s hand, he checks the phone and smiles. The waiter signals the dancers, the dancers surround Shivika and Rikara. Omkara and Gauri get distracted as Omkara gets burnt by fire game.

Gauri gets worried, Monali comes for help, she takes Gauri and Omakara to her place. A big clown enters the Carnival and eyes Shivaay and Anika. Shivaay and Anika enjoy dancing. Anika leaves to see catering arrangements, Anika gets distracted by the big clown who hands over a gift to Anika.

Anika happily opens it and gets shocked to see the bicycle ring. Anika gets scared, the clown holds Anika’s hand and mouth, he wishes Anika a happy news year and says that Anika will be his in the new year. He also tells Anika that she smells nice. Anika tries to get away, the clown picks Anika on his shoulder. Anika screams for Shivaay.
Shivaay turns and gets shocked to see Anika beign carried away by the clown, the clown turns and challenges Shivaay to come after him. Shivaay runs to him, Clown puts Anika down, points a warning finger at Anika and runs away before Shivaay can reach him. Shivaay takes Anika in his arms and consoles her. Anika says sh e eis scared, Shivaay takes Rudra to take Anika with him and not to leave her alone. Rudra gives strength to Anika. Rudra gets a message from Shivaay saying help.

Rudra calls Shivaay, the waiter cuts Rudra’s call and switches off Shivaay’s phone. Anika tells Rudra to go and check on Shivaay, Rudra refuses to go, Anika forces him to go. Anika gets worried. Shivaay runs after the clown, the clown creates hurdles for Shivaay, Shivaay makes the clown fall, but a biker bumps into Shivaay, the clown sneaks away.

Anika hears the bicycle ring, Anika gets determined to get over with her fear, Anika runs after the mysterious lady, the lady goes to a dark room where the AC vents a gas, the
lady covers her mouth and runs, Anika reaches there and becomes unconscious and falls down.

The lady comes near Anika, a big masked man comes there and praises the mysterious woman. The man tells the lady to get out, she looks disturbed. The man takes the mask off, he turns out to be Veer.
Veer lies down near Anika and keeps looking at her face. It turns out that the clown was Veer. Veer tells unconscious Anika that finally they are alone and that she smells good, Veer says he had to do a lot to get this time with Anika along.

Flashback shows Svetlana talking to Veer. Svetlana tells Veer that they
share a relationship. Svetlana says Veer is her brother and seeks his help to destroy Oberoi family, especially Shivaay and Anika. Veer refuses to help Svetlana as he rules the city but only in the night.

During the day, he is a respected doctor. Svetlana says that she knows that Veer likes beautiful things, she shows him Anika’s video, Veer gets mesmerized. Svetlana says she wants to destroy Oberoi family and Veer wants to get Anika, they should remove Shivaay from the equation. Veer tells unconscious Anika that beauty is his weakness and when he saw Anika he was stumped and decided that he will make Anika completely his.

Veer tells unconscious Anika that the woman that troubles Anika is his plan,
flashback shows Veer paying the lady, Komal, to trouble and scare Anika. Veer says to enter Anika’s life, he had to put her life in trouble, he had to become friends with Shivaay. Veer discloses that when Shivaay visited them first, Monali mixed sleep medicine in the Puja Prasad so that Shivaay can have a deep sleep in the night while the lady can scare Anika. Also the kitchen blast was Veer’s plan.

Veer says though Shivaay is smart to put the cameras in the house, Veer has put many hidden camera to keep an eye on Anika for 24 *7.
Shivaay gets worried seeing Anika unconscious, Shivaay takes Anika’s hand from Veer’s hand and pulls her in his arms, Veer gets angry. Omkara, Gauri and Monali come to them, Shivaay gets worried, Anika gets conscious and looks at Veer with a shock.


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