Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st January 2018 Episode Written Update; Naira Insulted

The Episode starts with Anubhav telling Dadi about Naira’s abortion, its true, he has seen the papers herself. They all get shocked. Rajshri scolds Anubhav. She says Naira can’t do this. Anubhav says Naira stayed in Rishikesh as Tina, she asked me not to tell this to Kartik. Rajshri scolds him. Anubhav says truth has been disclosed, Sakshi tell them is this true or not. Sakshi gets tensed and says its true, abortion was done. They all get shocked.

She says I have burnt the papers, as it had Tina’s name on it. They get shocked. Kartik thanks the truck driver and says I will go from here. Anubhav asks Sakshi not to have any relation with Naira. They leave. Dadi says I heard this myself, but I had a hope, but its good Kartik is not here, what would he go through knowing you

cheated him, don’t try to fool us by any fake story, you cleverly talk and get things in your favor, I did a mistake to not know about you well, even your family doesn’t know about you, whom shall I hold responsible now, Kartik or our fate. Naira says no. She asks Naira not to say a word. She scolds Naira.

Kirti waits for Naksh and thinks Naksh would have helped Naira. Dadi vents out anger on Naira. She says I know what’s right for Kartik now, I will take a decision for his life. She asks Naira to leave, as she doesn’t have a big heart to see Kartik’s life getting ruined. Naira asks Dadi not to do this. Dadi drags her out. Naira says please, let Kartik come back, once I meet him, everything will get fine, he will understand me. Dadi says I want him to know the truth, even if his heart breaks, it will be the last time. Dadi asks Bhabhimaa, Rajshri and Kirti not to say anything.

She pushes Naira away. Naira falls down. Kartik runs on the road and falls on the same time. Kartik gets hurt and gets up to run. Dadi says you couldn’t become ours, even when we tried so much, you are a curse on Kartik’s life, don’t show your face to us. Dadi shuts the main gate. Naksh comes downstairs and falls down. Naira cries and leaves. Dadi stops Naksh. He asks what’s happening, why did you make Naira leave, please move, let me open the door. Dadi says no, she has to leave.

Naksh asks her not to stop him. He opens the gate and asks where is Naira. Guard says she has gone. Singhanias cry and leave from there. Manish asks what will we tell Kartik. Dadi says I will manage her. Naksh and Kirti try to find Naira. Naira comes to Singhania house. She says don’t know Kartik will listen to me or not, where are you Kartik, please come to me. Kartik comes home and shouts Naira. He gets shocked seeing the things messed up. Dadi says Naira isn’t here. He asks them where is Naira. Aryan says they won’t say anything, she has gone to her Maayka, we have sent her, how could we tolerate her after her big mistake. Kartik asks what did she do. Aryan tells him everything. Kartik gets shocked.

Kartik looks for Naira. Raghav drags her. Naira tries to shout. Kartik leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena


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