Zindagi Ki Mehak 1st January 2018 Episode Written Update; Archie Tries to Kill Mehek!

Scene 1
Mahek and Shaurya re in temple. Mahek says please give us strength. We are going to do something big. Mahek says we are together after so long. Shaurya says I think i left my wallet somewhere. A woman comes and says is it yours? I found outside temple. I saw your photo. Mahek says sarla aunty. You saved us. I was scared. She says why scared? Mahek says new year shouldn’t start like that. Sarla says don’t worry about little things. She says Shaurya I saw how you brought her back. You have made an example of love. You both will stay together always. MAhek says thank you aunty. Shaurya hugs Mahek and says be careful. Archie is very clever. I will be outside all the time. Her game is over today. Shaurya gets a call from Kanta. She says come herre. Archie and Dolly will be here soon.

Archie and dolly comes to the cave. Archie says this is my daughter in law archie. Kati mai says she has a ghost on her. Archie is scared. Kati mai says there is a ghost after him I can talk to him. He is standing behind you. Someone throttles Archie is scared. Mahek says I will get you out of her ghost. Archie says please leave me. The ghost comes inside Mahek. She says you can’t come in me. Shaurya calls Dolly and says something. He says archie is so clever? Mahek says in sahil’s voice because of you I died. She throttles him. Sahil says my love for you is beyond life. Archie says to dolly what is he saying. Sahil says you have to pay back for what you have done. You will have to come with me. You will pay for your sins. Archie says what are you saying. He laughs. Archie says I am sorry sahil. Please forgive me. I made a mistake. Please leave me and go from here. He says you will be mine in life hereafter. I will get your soul out of your body. She says I am sorry I made a mistake. I killed you. Dolly is dazed. She says please don’t kill me. Mahek says sit here. She sees her face and says in heart this is Mahek. This all is drama? Mahek says come sit here. Archie throws sindur in the fire. Everyone coughs and can’t breathe. Archie tries to run. Kanta and Mahek try to stop her.
Shaurya and ravi are trying to connect the cctv footage live. Ravi says what is this smoke? Shaurya runs there. He comes in. Kanta and everyone is coughing. Kanta says Archie took Mahek. Shaurya runs. Shaurya says I will kill Archie. Archie takes Mahek towards a cliff. Shaurya sees Mahek’s earring. Archie puts Mahek in the car. She sees Shaurya coming. Mahek is leaving her jewelry on the way. Shaurya sees Archie. She points gun at him. She punctures shaurya’s car.
Mahek says Shaurya wont leave you. Archie says you did good drama but you can never win from me. I don’t care what will happen to me. But no one can save you. You will die today. Mahek tries to snatch the gun from her. The car hits a wall. Mahek and Archie both are injured. Mahek tries to unrope her hands. She runs from the car. Archie’s head is on steering. Mahek’s head is bleeding as well.

Mahek is on the road. She looks for people to help her. Shaurya is looking for Mahek. Archie comes out of car and shoots in the air. Mahek runs from her. Mahek goes to the temple. Archie says to Mahek I will send you to the God from here. You thought you will fool me? I will kill you and then your family. Then I will kill Shaurya as well. If he isn’t mine he can’t be anyone else’. Archie is about to shoot Mahek. Archie says no one can save you. Come with me. Mahek throws a coconut towards Archie but she saves herself.

Precap-Archie says I will die and you will die with me Mahek. She ties herself to Mahek and is about to jump from the building. Shaurya is running upstairs.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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