Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2018 Episode Written Update; Raghav Kidnaps Naira

The Episode starts with Kartik saying Naira didn’t do anything, I will get her first and then talk to you. Naksh calls Akhilesh and says Naira didn’t reach home, I have checked office and Krishna as well, if anything happens to you, I will forget that you all are related to me. Kartik stumbles. Manish holds him. Suwarna comes. Dadi says Naira ruined Kartik’s life, Akhilesh call Naksh and tell him what Naira did, she ruined everything. Kartik says she didn’t do anything, stop blaming her. Manish says you heard what mum said. Kartik says yes, but it doesn’t make any difference to me like before. Dadi asks did you know this. Kartik says yes, I knew this, abortion was done, but it doesn’t matter. He sees Suwarna and says how did you let this happen, I left her here on your responsibility,

if anything happens to her. Suwarna says no, I will try to pacify everyone, go and find her. Kartik leaves. His staff goes alone.

Naira is somewhere far. Kartik looks for her. Naksh says police will reach Goenka house directly. Kirti asks what. He stops her. Bau ji and Naksh leave. Kirti cries. Aryan jokes on Naira’s secret. Suwarna gets angry and scolds him. They all look on. She says if you can’t help your brother, you have no right to talk against them. She says I trust Naira, there must have been a reason behind this. Dadi asks her to stop it, Naira is wrong. Suwarna says no, you are wrong this time. Dadi gets shocked. Naira says I don’t have phone, I will go home, I should tell the truth to Naksh, he will understand. Kartik drives to that place. Raghav catches Naira and pulls her back. Kartik comes there and looks for Naira. Manish asks Suwarna what is she saying. Dadi and Suwarna argue. Dadi says Naira has hypnotized you and Kartik. Suwarna says this is love, they are supporting each other, they love each other. Dadi says Naira cheated Kartik, you are blaming me, is this love to hide life’s biggest truth. She scolds Suwarna.

Kartik says Naira isn’t here, I thought she will be here. Naira tries to shout. Kartik asks someone about Naira. He leaves. Raghav says its time for you to say sorry. Suwarna says I don’t even know what happened here. Dadi says Sakshi was going to burn that paper, Anubhav read it, Naira accepted this. Suwarna says we will believe just Naira. Akhilesh asks the staff to check at station too. Manish asks did he find anything. Akhilesh says no. Dadi says Naira crossed the limit, she went and created this issue. Naksh and Bau ji come there with police.

Dadi says what can we expect from you, you will punish us for her mistake, arrest us. Bau ji says you are misunderstanding us, police will question you, they can find Naira, Kartik called and said he didn’t find Naira anywhere. Inspector asks Dadi to tell everything. Suwarna asks Dadi to tell them. Dadi says it was a foul act of past, what can I say. Naksh asks her to just say what’s needed, if anything happens to Naira, I will not delay to forget all relations. They all get shocked.

Raghav pushes Naira. She shouts. He says your anger and attitude is still the same, mad Tina of Rishikesh. She says I m still the same fighter, just come to the point. Kartik calls Raghav. He gets angry. Raghav asks Naira why did she humiliate him, he will take revenge from her today. She says you were the reason, you deserved the punishment. He says you like judging people, you made me apologize, today you will apologize. She recalls… dragging Raghav and beating him. She tells the people about Raghav’s cheap doings. She asks Raghav to apologize. She blackens his face. She asks him to get ready and wash his sins. Raghav says I will apologize. She asks him to say sorry. Raghav says sorry. Naira curses him. She gets him arrested. FB ends.

He says I can’t take you to Rishikesh to make you apologize, I will make video and show to everyone there. He takes black powder to throw on her face. Naira kicks him. Black color gets on his face. She asks him to see, this black stain is meant for his face. He pushes her and laughs. He says you have to say sorry, I will make you apologize. She kicks him and runs. Kartik calls Raghav. She sees Kartik’s call and tries to get the phone. Raghav stops her. Kartik says I pray Naira is not with you, else no one can save you today, how will I find about her. Naira runs away. Naksh calls Kartik. Kartik asks did you find Naira. Naksh says no, I got to know everything about Raghav, take it very seriously, you maybe good, but you didn’t do this right, you knew this, but you didn’t tell anyone, if you told this, Raghav would have not come home, its just your mistake. Kartik gets sad.

Kartik looks for Naira. Naira falls in some water chamber. Raghav shuts it.

Update Credit to: Amena


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