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Ishqbaaz 3rd January 2018 Episode Written Update; Shivaay Gets a Clue!

Episode starts with Shivaay deciding to open the locked room. Shivaay goes to check the washroom as Anika had seen fire on the water, Shivaay doesn’t see any fire, Shivaay turns and gets shocked to see something. Some time back… Anika checks her clothes and wonders what to wear, Shivaay wonders what to prepare for breakfast. Anika consults Shivaay about her clothes, Shivaay consults Anika for the breakfast. Shivaay starts making Aloo Puri, Shivaay whistles in the kitchen, Anika whistles from the bedroom, both smile. Komal sees Shivaay from the kitchen door, she goes near the bedroom and rings the bicycle bell, Anika gets shocked. She starts hearing the bell again and again. Anika gathers that the sound is coming from the bathroom, she goes to the bathroom, the bathroom is seen empty, Anika tries to gather courage, Komal comes secretly in the bathroom and adds something in the bathtub water and sneaks again. Suddenly there is fire in the bathtub, Anika gets shocked and runs out.

Anika bumps into Komal who is stuck to the wall. Shivaay calls Anika for breakfast. Komal catches Anika and pulls her off the ground by strangulating Anika’s neck. Anika breaks the vase with her leg, Shivaay goes towards the sound and gets shocked to see Anika panting for breath on the floor. Anika hugs Shivaay and tells him about the woman. Shivaay tells Anika that no lady is there, Anika gets shocked and confused. Anika tries to convince Shivaay. Anika tells Shivaay about the fire in the bathtub water, Shivaay cannot believe Anika, she takes Shivaay to the bathroom, the bathroom is perfectly fine, Anika gets shocked.

Shivaay tries to console Anika. Veer sees them on his laptop and pities Anika. Veer thinks that he is making Shivaay think that Anika is mad, someday Shivaay will believe that and will be separated from Anika. The flashback shows Veer telling Komal to add crystals to bathwater to create fire through chemicals. Monali gives a velcro to Komal to be stuck to the wall and before Shivaay turns up, Veer says he would pull Komal up. Anika tries to make Shivaay believe that the woman and the fire were not Anika’s hallucinations.

Anika blames the house for all the mishaps. Anika says she is not mad but the woman is turning her mad. Shivaay holds Anika and consoles her. Later, Shivaay sees Anika sitting without having her breakfast. Anika feels sad thinking whatever happens on the first day of the year, keeps happening often. She feels sad for Shivaay getting stuck in trying to rectify everything for Anika. Shivaay says they will face the problem together. Anika cries saying she is completely confused and is tired.

Shivaay gives courage to Anika. Shivaay decides to solve the mystery. Shivaay asks Anika to have the breakfast Anika refuses to eat. Shivaay tries to feed Anika. Anika puts her hand up to stop Shivaay, he notices a black mark on Anika’s wrist. Anika says she cannot remember, Shivaay thinks may she got the tattoo in the Carnival party.

Shivaay feeds Anika. Shivaay tells Anika to go out in open and that he will get juice for her. Anika goes. Shivaay thinks about the experiences faced by Anika. Shivaay decides to find the clues and decides to open the locked room.

In the Oberoi Mansion, Jhanvi tells Tia that Tej will get her treated by a good doctor. Tej enters happily and calls everyone. Tej says he had a meeting with the biggest investor in the country, Mr. Singhania and he has agreed to invest in Oberoi Group. Tej says with this investment, their stocks will gain a lot.

Tia congratulates him. Tej says he wants to throw a New Year party in which he will invite Singhania. Tej says they need to impress Singhania. Pinky hears the conversation and argues with Tej. Pinky and Tej get in an argument. Tej tells Jhanvi to start preparing for the party. Pinky decides to ruin the party. Gauri watches them. Tia thinks she doesn’t need to do anything, Tia decides to get the party ruined by Gauri so that Tej will throw her out.

Shivaay tries to open the locked room, Komal gets worried inside. Anika sits in the garden, Veer comes there. Shivaay goes to the washroom to check the fire Anika told him about. Veer joins Anika and asks Anika about being upset. Veer says someone must be trying to trouble Anika. Shivaay gets confused to see the washroom and bathtub all fine. He turns and get shocked to see cycle bell fallen there.

Shivaay thinks Anika was telling the truth. Shivaay decides to check the wall. Anika tells Veer that only she can see a mysterious woman and she is only seen to Anika. Anika says Shivaay is getting disturbed by it. Veer feels happy thinking his plan is working.



Veer says, Anika is probably getting mad (in view of her symptoms and delusions). Shivaay gets shocked on hearing this. Veer offers to help Shivika. Shivaay murmurs maybe he has to accept that Anika is Getting MAD. Anika is shocked to hear Shivaay saying that.


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