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Ishqbaaz 4th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Episode starts with Veer thinking that Shivaay will do what Veer wants. Veer tells Shivaay that citing Anika’s symptoms, it looks like she is having a mental problem. Shivaay says that he may have to accept that Anika is really mad, Anika gets shocked to hear it. Omkara warns Tia from speaking against Gauri.

Some time back… Anika tells Veer that Shivaay cannot be convinced easily and must be checking the house. Anika says Shivaay must be trying to find out why Anika is going through such experiences, Veer gets concerned. Shivaay checks the wall carefully. Anika says if Shivaay decides something he will go to any extent to find the truth. Veer thinks he has to do something.

Veer leaves to help Shweta in studies. Shivaay finds a hand impression on the wall and thinks that someone was really on the wall. Shivaay thinks that Anika is saying the truth. Veer checks Shivaay’s actions on the laptop and thinks that Shivaay cannot find anything. And Shivaay will do as Veer wants. Shivaay wonders why the woman could not be seen in the CCTV camera, Shivaay thinks the woman might have known about CCTV cameras and must have chosen blind spots to get saved from getting featured.

Shivaay goes towards the CCTV camera and realizes that the camera is not capturing him at a particular angle. Veer gets a call and goes away from the laptop. Shivaay realizes that someone has the full map of the house and the location of CCTV cameras. Shivaay realizes that someone is keeping a watch on them. Shivaay decides to find the truth.

Veer comes back and laughs at Shivaay. Veer thinks Shivaay cannot do anything as he will prove Anika mad in front of everyone. Later, Veer gives the key of the locked room to Shivaay. Veer opens the door, Shivaay looks on, Veer takes his bags from the room and hands over the keys to Shivaay.

Veer thinks that this was the only way to clear Shivaay and Anika’s doubt about the room. Shweta plays with the ball, Veer says Anika is still disturbed. Veer tells Monali to make her trademark soup to make Anika feel better, Shivaay gets cautious. Veer says Monali’s soup is better than an energy drink, Shivaay asks Anika to have the soup and praises Monali.

Anika goes to help Monali. Veer tells Shivaay that citing Anika’s symptoms it looks like that she has some mental problem. Shivaay gets shocked and tries to defend Anika. But Shivaay stops talking and thinks that someone might be keeping a watch on what Shivaay is saying. Veer suggests Shivaay that Anika should be given treatment as soon as possible.

Shivaay thinks that whoever is keeping an eye on them should feel that his plan is working. Shivaay tells Veer that he may have to accept the fact that Anika really is becoming mad. Anika hears it and gets shocked. Monali says she made the soup for all, Veer comes to check it and adds some powder to the soup from his ring.

The flashback shows Veer telling Monali about adding a medicine to Anika’s soup for her to have a madness attack, Shweta hears the conversation. Monali gives the soup to Anika, Veer gets excited to see the soup effect on Anika. Gauri instructs the staff about the party and the guests. She gets a call on the landline and hears a man saying that whole Oberoi family needs to be destroyed.

In the party at Oberoi Mansion, one man would be his who would do the job of killing Pinky. He says the man will have red rose. Gauri gets shocked listening to the conversation. Gauri decides to save Pinky’s life. Omkara checks on the arrangements and gives the instructions to the staff. Gauri comes to Omkara and tells him about the call.

Omkara gets confused, Gauri tells Omkara to cancel the party, Omkara says he cannot cancel it. Omkara tells Gauri to relax. Gauri wonders what to do. Tia comes to Omkara and tries to sympathize with him. Tia tries to instigate Omkara against Gauri. Omkara gets annoyed and tells Tia not to say a word against Gauri.

Omkara tells Tia to go back to her room, Tia thinks that Omkara is unaware of where Omkara and Gauri’s relationship is headed. Anika refuses to have the soup, Monali forces her, Veer starts getting angry. Monali tries to feed Anika herself, Anika cries looking at Shivaay, Shweta looks at Shivaay, Shweta throws the ball on the soup, the soup falls off from Monali’s hand. Veer screams at Shweta, Veer tones down, Shweta says sorry. Anika says she doesn’t want soup. Veer and Monali leave. Veer leaves in anger.
Anika cries and tells Shivaay about all the bells in the locked room, Shivaay cannot see bells. Gauri decides to save her family at any cost, Tia thinks that no one can save Oberoi family’s destruction.


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