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Naamkaran 4th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Avni asks Neil why is he not giving her a tough punishment if he is convinced that she is guilty. Neil thinks that he knows she is innocent. Neil says that he is the highest authority in this prison and he has made her under his custody since 6 months.

DD tells Neil that a girl has called from police station and wants to talk only to him. The girl tells Neil that Vidyut has captured her friends. Neil tells DD that it is the last day of Vidyut’s freedom today. Avni thinks she does not have the blue print but she has the sketch in her mind.

The old lady confronts Avni and asks her not to lose hope in love. Avni wants to take food for Sunehri. Jailer refuses Avni and tells her that Sunehri will get food which is served in the black jail. Jailer finally allows Avni to serve the food to Sunehri. Neil meets the woman and tells her that he will rescue her friends.

Vidyut comes just then and tells Neil that he likes that he is on duty all the time protecting people. Neil says that he wants to end the dirty crime around him. Vidyut tells Neil that he should be on duty for protecting him in the jail where Avni is kept. Neil says that he is not free.

Vidyut says that Neo may attack him. Neil says that Neo is behind him. Vidyut says he can attack only from behind and not in front. Neil says that he should imagine what will happen when Neo comes in front of him. Vidyut tells Neil that he will meet him in the aarti tonight.

Neil thinks that first he has to rescue the girls then reach the jail as he cannot let Avni be alone with Vidyut. Avni starts drawing the jail map on the floor. Neil reaches the godown as Neo. Neil attacks a man. Avni thinks that when Vidyut meets her next, she will be out of prison. The jailer suddenly calls for the guards and Avni tells a guard to take her along. Neo beats up Vidyut’s people.

Someone informs Avni that there was poison in Sunehri’s food. Monica pushes down Avni and tells her that she had given food to Sunehri which means she has added poison in her food. Balu tells Vidyut that Neo cannot come there. Neo sees all the girls tied up to chairs. Neo asks them not to worry. Neo gets a smell and realizes that it is a trap. Monica accuses Avni for poisoning Sunehri. Monica says that Avni is not innocent and she too is a criminal like them. Avni says that only God knows her crime and will give her punishment.

The drums start beating and Avni prays to Goddess to make everything right. Vidyut enters the jail with Goddess Idol. Balu informs Vidyut that Neo is trapped by himself. Neo tries to open the ropes and Balu sees him and throws a matchstick and starts a fire. Avni see Vidyut. Vidyut comes face to face with Avni and offers her a hug.

Avni warns Vidyut that she will break his hand if he tries to touch her. Vidyut flirts with Avni. Neil tries to rescue the girls. Vidyut praises Avni’s beauty. Vidyut tells Avni if they unite then they will create fire. Neil breaks open the ropes. Vidyut tells Avni that they are a couple made in heaven. Vidyut tells Avni that they will take Goddess blessing together.

Vidyut says that he will make her a widow tonight. Neil falls unconscious. Vidyut tells Avni that he will support her as she will become helpless. Avni says that if Neil is harmed even a little bit then she will bury him. The captive girls encourage Neo to get up.

Neil thinks of Avni and wakes up. Neil saves the last girl. Avni holds Vidyut’s collar. Vidyut asks Avni to get ready as she will have to do the maha Aarti of Kali maa. Vidyut says that she is about to become wife of a minister.
Precap: Balu catches Neil as Neo and says that Vidyut will decide his punishment. Vidyut tells everyone that Avni will do the maha Aarti. Vidyut sees on video call that his men are beating up Neil and asks then to continue to beat him. Avni too sees the video and shouts out Neil’s name.


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