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Ishqbaaz 5th January 2017 Episode Written Update

Episode starts with Shivaay giving a sleeping tablet to Anika. Veer says Shivaay really thinks Anika is getting mad and it is time for the next plan. Bells ring all over Anika, she screams for Shivaay.

Some time back…

Shivaay gives a sleeping tablet to Anika, she asks if it for her madness. Anika gets upset with Shivaay and asks Shivaay about mental asylum, Shivaay gets angry and breaks the glass. Anika tells Shivaay to send her to the mental hospital as she heard him saying about she getting mad to Veer. Shivaay thinks that he cannot take the risk of telling the truth to Anika as someone is keeping a watch on them. Shivaay and Anika go to sleep in a disturbed state.

Anika and Shivaay shed tears, Veer feels happy. Shweta apologizes to Veer, he warns her. Veer says Shivaay really thinks that Anika is getting mad and will leave her. Veer says it is the time for the next plan. Anika starts hearing the bells again and thinks that it cannot be a coincidence. Anika takes the keys to go into the locked room, Veer gets happy and instructs Komal. Anika goes into the room and gets shocked to see hundreds of bells hanging from the wall, making noise. Anika screams for Shivaay, he runs to Anika, she tells him about the bells, Shivaay sees no bells, Anika tries to convince him.

Anika feels she has gone mad and tells Shivaay to call people from mental hospital. Shivaay thinks that he needs to assure Anika that she is fine, else Anika will feel she is really mad.

Shivaay breaks the phone and screams at Anika and takes her to the bed. In the morning, Anika gets up worried and kisses Shivaay’s forehead. Shivaay thinks of telling Anika the truth. Anika says she decided to leave for the Mental hospital. Shivaay feels helpless due to the cameras.

Shivaay tells Anika that they should discuss things out in open, Anika says that reality cannot change and hence she will go to the mental hospital. Shivaay gets annoyed. Anika pleads to Shivaay to let her prepare breakfast. Shivaay thinks of a way to communicate the truth with Anika.

Gauri gets determined to save her family, Tia gets determined to get Gauri thrown out of Oberoi Mansion. Tia decides to break Omkara and Gauri’s relationship. Shivaay goes to Anika in the kitchen and decides to write a text on his phone to make Anika read it, Veer gets curious. Anika refuses to look at Shivaay’s phone. Shivaay writes DANGER with vegetables, Anika cannot understand. Shivaay draws Anika’s attention, Anika misunderstands.

Shivaay offers to help, Anika gets confused. Shivaay sends her aside and thinks of putting his message inside the Puri for Anika. Shivaay puts the chit inside the purl for Anika.

Anika sees Shivaay’s clothes scattered around, Anika gets pulled inside a room.


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