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Naamkaran 5th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Neo rescues the girls and runs away. DD saves the girls and looks for Neil. DD calls up Neil and ask him where he is. Neil thinks he cannot tell DD his truth. Neil says he is in the police station. Neil asks DD to check Vidyut’s warehouse. The girls tell DD that Neo was like a superhero. Neil asks DD to leave with the girls. Neil thinks he should get back to Avni soon. Neil starts feeling dizzy and falls.

The pandit tells everyone that Goddess Idol will be covered and will open again before the Aarti. Vidyut tells the inmates that he has two mothers, his own mother and Maa Kali. Vidyut tells everyone to start a new life after getting out of prison. Avni is in her cell and wonders what Vidyut will do. Avni prays to goddess to protect Neil.

Balu and other goons surround Neil who is unconscious. Balu says he is waiting for Vidyut’s orders. Vidyut tells the Pandit that he wants Avni to do the maha Aarti. Vidyut says that Avni helped the police to catch his mother who was a criminal. He says that Avni is a brave woman.

Vidyut asks Jailer to call Avni for the Aarti and gives her clothes and jewelry for Avni. Monica says she will also help Avni to dress up. Avni refuses to wear the clothes but Jailer tells Avni that she cannot refuse as her reputation is spoilt. Jailer says that Vidyut has done a lot of donation for the jail. Monica coaxes Avni to follow Vidyut’s orders. Avni knows that Monica is hand in glove with Vidyut. All inmates coax Avni to dress up.

Avni thinks she has to find out Vidyut’s plan. Avni agrees to do the maha Aarti. Neil wakes up and Balu tells him that he is a cop and criminal too. Neil feels dizzy. Goons start beating up Neil and he fights back.

Avni goes to washroom to change. Avni quietly slips out and tries to open Neil’s room. Monica sees her. Avni enters Neil’s room and calls up Neil and tells him to comes quickly and deal with Vidyut. Monica sees her. Avni knows that Monica is seeing her and she will inform Vidyut. Monica informs Vidyut that she heard Avni talking to Neil. Vidyut says it is impossible.

Neil beats the goons. Neil’s phone rings. Neil takes the call and it is Vidyut and Neil tells him that they will have a final fight. Neil says that he will attack him in such a way that he will get only pain. Balu attacks Neil on the head. Vidyut tells Balu to do the work. Vidyut sees Balu and goons trashing up Neil on video call.

Avni also looks at the video from behind. Vidyut tells Balu to kill Neil slowly and make him suffer. Avni calls out Neil and Vidyut looks at her. Avni runs away. Vidyut tells Jailer that Avni is missing and he wants her to get here right now. Jailer says she will start the siren but Vidyut refuses for it saying Avni will be alerted.

Avni is in the store room and wonders how to leave from here and save Neil. Avni sees Neil’s picture and says she will go to save him. Everyone is looking for Avni. All inmates are preparing for Aarti. Avni wears shawl around herself and tries to escape. Constable sees Avni and informs jailer. Avni takes a weapon and runs. Avni breaks the lock with the weapon. Avni runs out. Aarti begins Avni gets a rope and jumps from top. Pandit says Aarti muhurat has started. Vidyut tells Jailer that he wants Avni here at any cost.
Precap: Aarti begins and Vidyut is waiting for Avni. Avni has taken the place of the Kali maa Idol dressed as Kali maa. Neil gets buried by Balu and his goons


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