Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th January 2018 Episode Written Update; Kartik Goes Against Dadi

The Episode starts with Kartik getting Naira home. Everyone gets shocked. Doctor says her condition is stable now, no need to worry. He goes. Kartik holds Naira’s hand. Lav and Kush ask Kartik what happened to Naira, did any thief hurt her. Bhabhimaa says no, sometimes family hurts, they don’t think what will happen if the same thing happens with their loved ones. Surekha sends the kids. Dadi asks what do you want to say, what I bear any mistake done by Naira, I did right with Naira, there is no place for a liar and cheater girl in my house. Kartik says please, you are forgetting she is my wife, I love her a lot, did you even think the consequences of your doing. Dadi says what thing can be worse, I was angry, even then I gave her a chance to explain.

He says you didn’t

give her any chance, you should have waited for me, do I have a right to say. She says I did this for you. He says no, you did this for yourself, your respect, your society, you would have supported my Naira, one who differentiates between me and Naira can’t be my well wisher, tell me if I was in this situation, would you react the same way. She says shall I say the same thing again and again, you maybe great, I don’t accept this. He says you have accepted that Naira is wrong, lets assume, its true, is this a big crime that can’t be forgiven, maybe she could be a victim, maybe someone betrayed her, you are hurt by the word abortion, did you think about her, who went through this, you should have understood her pain, you are instead hurting her as she is your bahu, would you do this with your son. Naira gets semi-conscious.

Kartik says I don’t want to argue, take your decision soon. Manish asks what decision. Kartik says that Naira will stay here or not, my wife’s honor is my responsibility, I will fight for it, but its your right to decide, everyone should get rights, even if its Suhasini Goenka or Naira. Naira cries. Kartik says I m waiting for your answer Dadi, because if you are ousting Naira, I have to find a place for both of us. They get shocked. Surekha asks what are you saying, no one will go anywhere. Akhilesh says yes, mum reacted in anger. Manish says we will discuss this some other time. Kartik says problem should get resolved, if anyone of you stopped Dadi that time, situation would have been a bit different. He asks Dadi will Naira get the respect in this house or not. Naksh and everyone look on. Dadi nods and goes.

Baisa and family go after Dadi. Akhilesh asks Kartik to call them if he needs any help. Kartik kisses Naira’s hand. She opens eyes and sees him. He wipes her tears.

Baisa taunts Dadi on her anger. Everyone gathers. Dadi says whatever Naira did, what would you do, Kirti was married but you wanted to do her shuddikaran, I didn’t hide anything, Naira cheated Kartik, don’t ask me anything, else you may not like that I say. Rajshri says if Baisa was against Kirti, everyone was against her, you permitted for shuddi karan, its good Naira went against everyone and stopped shuddi karan, else you all had hurt Kirti’s heart, Naira always stand against wrong, and today wrong has happened with her. Devyaani says she is waiting for your justice, we all heard the truth, its tough to digest but Naira said its incomplete truth, you didn’t give her a chance to her to explain. Rajshri says she can’t do anything that hurts the family. Devyaani says its better if past affects present, we did same with Kirti. Dadi says don’t compare Naira and Kirti. Bhabhimaa says we don’t compare, you do this, don’t become selfish, else you won’t be able to face us when truth comes out. Manish says we should end this else relations may spoil. Bau ji says relations spoilt when you made Naira leave. Dadi says all relations will spoil if this goes on. She asks them to leave. Bau ji says there is no point in staying here. They all leave. Naksh sees Suwarna. She signs him. He goes.

Manish says don’t say this to Kartik now. Dadi says I can’t tolerate this anymore. Naira asks why didn’t you ask me. Kartik says you would have told me if you had to say, its okay marriage is not a compromise, there should be some space, I have also hidden about Raghav, I didn’t wish to hurt you. She says sorry, I know you are very understanding, I should have trusted you. He says don’t cry, I trust you completely, I would have questioned you or believed my trust, I feel proud that I trusted you, what happened, why do I feel something is bothering me, please tell me, I will always support you.

She says I haven’t said the total truth to everyone, what you have heard is just half truth. He asks what’s the truth. She coughs. He makes her drink water and says take rest, we will talk tomorrow. He hugs her. Kirti says Kartik messaged, Naira slept, she is fine. Naksh says I don’t have any problem when Kartik is with her, he is an understanding husband, I m worried he is going to fight with his family, sorry if you felt bad, why is Dadi like this, I just hope she realizes she is doing wrong, else it will be too late, my family is very good and understanding, but everyone has a limit of patience, our relation would have ended with house if anything happened to Naira today.

Naira wakes up and takes water. She gets a message. Someone asks her to get Raghav released from jail, else these pictures will be shown in Anubhav and Sakshi’s engagement. Naira calls Sakshi. Sakshi apologizes. Naira says I called you to say, someone has sent me you and Raghav’s old pic and threatened. Sakshi says don’t let this happen, my life will be ruined. Naira says you think about it and tell me your decision. She ends call. She says I don’t understand anything, I wish we had told the truth to everyone, matter got out of our hands, Lord show some way to protect Sakshi’s relation.

Dadi argues with Naira. Naira cries. Kartik comes and says there is one thing more, she has done something else which I just got to know.

Update Credit to: Amena


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