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AvNeil FF – The Bodyguard

Neil dropped to the floor as a gun was fired. Sliding behind a boulder he lifted his gun, pointing it at the man, he shot. The bullet hit the mans arm as he flew back. His men ran forward picking the man up and dragging him away.
Roy his superior slapped his back “Another successful case, think you can handle another”
Pouring water over his face. he shook his hair “Of course Sir” “I’ll fax over the details in 60. for now, go home and rest, you start tomorrow”
It was about 90 minutes later when Neil looked over the fax His mission. to safeguard a muslim woman who was under threat due to a missing jewel
Neil packed his stuff ready for the journey and set his alarm.

Avni sat in her room. fluffing a pillow she sat on the bed Her fingers played loosely with her necklace
An older woman walked in, sitting next to her “You’ll be safe soon. I have hired a bodyguard for you”
“But Neela ma. I dont want one” Holding her hand “Avni. I wont take no for an answer, this is for your safefy. for now just rest okay”
Avni agreed and led down ready to sleep

Author – MayaKhan12

Gifs: Tumblr

Scroll down for Page 2 for next part of the story…

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