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Shivika SS: Mending Splinters


Warning: Disturbing content ahead reader’s discretion advised.

She felt chillness reach the marrow of her bone as he walked stealthily, his eyes spitting venom, hatred and whatnot! Feeling all her energy being sucked by the man in front of her, she moved back and he smiled cockily, feeling triumphant on crushing a woman under his feet making her go on her knees in surrender… that’s what any woman deserve he thought, a place under her man’s feet!


“I need to go, give me money!”


“NO!” she herself wondered from where she had the strength to say the sentence even as short as no in front of him, she knew she will regret and she did when she felt him grasp her by her neck and bang on the steel of the sofa! Her already bruised forehead began to bleed, she was struggling to keep her eyes open as they turned heavy but still she had to fight she cannot do this, she cannot let him do this! She grabbed his legs holding it close making him unable to move ahead.


Please don’t, its hard earned by me! Don’t spend it, Daksh!” she pleaded and that was enough to send him over the edge!


“You f*cking b*tch!!!” he grabbed her hair and tilted her head back so that he could see her teared-up face stained with blood, “Chidiya ke par ugg aye hain hon? You don’t have to remind me again and again that you earn!” he said before slapping her hard with a force that she fell limp against the ground. Not caring that she was unconscious and bleeding he went ahead and tore the fabric of her purse picking up the bundle of her hard-earned money and stepped out not caring to even lock the door!



“From where did you bring money?!” the bartender of some xyz hotel asked


“That’s none of your business, you said you want money… take it and give me the bottle!” the already drunk man demanded grabbing the attendant’s collar.



“Stop you son of a w*ore!” the attendant scoffed and pushed the drowsy man onto the ground, “You must have got the money from your wife again! You are so dependent on her… stop feeling the boss of the universe!”with that he spat on his face, unable to take the insult Daksh grabbed the other man’s collar, “I’m her husband!”


“Yeah I know that… she works here and I also know the way that poor lady lives her life, I don’t want to commit a sin by letting you waste her hard earned money at my hotel!” saying the bar owner lashed Daksh onto the floor which did invite the security attention and Daksh got thrown out of the bar.


“You are dependent on your wife!” the voice echoed in his mind while the receptors in his brain still demanded alcohol


“NO I AM NOT!!!” he screamed in the middle of the road, all he needed was alcohol in his circuit to run, to walk even maybe to breathe without it he went crazy and all the reason he could see he couldn’t get his bottle was the sympathy the world felt for his wife and the mother*ckers did call him dependent on her? Well it was now the time to show his wife that he wasn’t dependent on her!!!!!



He pushed and stumbled inside to find his wife still on the floor still unconscious with her head dipped in her own blood!


“They think I am dependent on this piece of flesh?!” he said as he reached her unconscious form chuckling at her state, “It’s time to show who the boss is!” he said as he sat and turned her around.


He traced her body with lust, she was still not conscious to feel the animal that was on her. Pressing her cheeks making her forcefully pout he kissed her lips, bit them to the extent that they bled… Moving down he tore the sleeves of her dress after he was unable to take it out and bit her hard. The hard bite bought Anika in her senses and she screamed out of pain but it took her moment for to know what was happening and when she did she grasped in horror trying to push him away. Her heart thudded madly in her chest with fear.


“STOP, Please stop!!!” she pleaded but they ended up falling on deaf ears, the typical smell of alcohol had already nauseated her, she felt disgusted and all she wanted is for him to stop!


“Please!” she pleaded but he became even rougher with the feeling that he was above her and the whole world was wrong!


“I am the boss!” he said pulling the strings of her salwar and entering her after he was done with the torture on her body, she fell limp, she had lost all her power and maybe even pride… She wasn’t aroused and wet!! He gave her million injuries as he penetrated her roughly when her body didn’t want it! After some time she stopped her fable protests and was just a mess of tears that didn’t stop!


Her pleas fell on silent ears!



Her cries were unheard!



She felt small!



She felt she died!



She grew up in the misery thinking it was her fate!



But what had she done to deserve this shame?!


Taking her several times the same night, he pulled away from her finally falling asleep feeling the triumph. She now owned nothing, had nothing… Not even her pride! It had been stolen, raped out of her!!!


She had nothing to lose, and now there was no reason she had to be scared of death, her whole life she was so scared of death that she had bore all the inhumanity heaped on her, how many times had she picked up the knife to slice her wrist? How many times she had taken handful of sleeping pills to gulp down her throat? How many times she had sat on the railway track waiting

for the train? She felt scared… so scared even if the tiniest bit of hope was long back dead! She was scared to die so much that she even refused to live! But now she had learned important lesson of her life, you really don’t have to be scared to fall when you are already on the ground! So why should she be scared of death when she was already living with it every single day? Collecting her torn dress, she wore it not caring where and how it was exposing her! She was injured inside-out; she wasn’t able to stand yet grasping all her courage she stood! She crippled to her salwar and wore it, the pain in between her thighs was unbearable! She walked towards the door and opened it slowly hoping that she won’t make any noise, but that rusted piece of metal made its typical sound!


“Anu darling, where are you running? I am not yet done darling wife!”Daksh said in his drunk tone making her feel all the more disgusted, humiliation reached its saturation, her eyes shot with blood-rage with such extent that she picked up a vase and threw it on him targeting his head. His head began to bleed and Anika did that that she hadn’t done in so many years… She smirked, feeling content!


“ANIKA!!!!!” he screamed clutching his head and that was enough to make her tremble with fear again,  he leaped ahead to grab her but she was swift enough to run away latching the door from out. She could hear him bang the door, she could hear him scream, she could hear him threatening her of the consequences once he would be out and once he would catch her… It made her shudder! But she was determined now! She knew she won’t have to face him again if she dies!! That was only the option left and so she ran, ran with all her might in the middle of the road.


She stood rooted on the spot as a truck approached her all determined to let it over her body, piercing her heart so that her soul could be fee from his clutches but at the  last moment she gave up and jumped away from the lane the truck followed! Standing with the support of a road-side tree she cried her heart out!!


“NO, No Anika… you have to do this!” she encouraged herself and smiled when she saw another truck approaching her… she stood straight and ran towards it!! Adrenaline still occupied her body, her legs gave up and  she could feel the truck pass from near her but it did not hit her… yes she didn’t wish to die! Even if she knew not dying would take her back to the living hell she smiled gratefully that god had prevented her from committing a sin! But suddenly there was a honking of horn and the headlights of the car blinded her and finally she saw the black fog of death, Lucifer was finally there to claim her soul it seemed… yes she didn’t want to die but maybe this was the only was that god has designed to take her out! But far at a distance she could see someone running towards her, the fog that covered the figure was white, it seemed divine! All she could see and feel was white fog penetrating the black fog until there was none, she could see the lips of that figure move but nothing reached her… she slowly closed her eyes and gave away!


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Author: Misanthropist


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