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Ishqbaaz 8th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Anika screams at Shivaay and telling him to send her to the Mental Hospital, Veer laughs and gets happy. Shivaay tells Anika that their relationship is over, Anika tries to stop Shivaay from leaving.

Some time back… Shivaay forces Anika to eat a particular puri having the chit. Veer comes, Shivaay avoids giving him the Puri and throws it away. Shivaay wonders what to do. Later, Anika sees Shivaay’s clothes scattered on the floor which lead her to a closet, Anika gets scared. Anika suddenly gets pulled into the closet by Shivaay.

Shivaay informs Anika about being watched over by someone. Shivaay tells Anika that someone is trying to prove Anika mad. Anika emotionally hugs Shivaay, he tells Anika to keep the secret between them only.

Later, Anika and Shivaay fight with each other, Anika tells Shivaay to send her to Mental Hospital, Veer sees them happily. Shivaay pulls Anika behind the pillar, and both come close continuing the fight drama.

Anika shows the knife to Shivaay in a fight, both come close again behind the pillar, Veer goes to their house. Shivika fight in front of Veer. Veer goes to keep his hand on Anika’s shoulder, Shivaay stops his hand. Shivaay says he is going to leave the house, Shivaay thinks the spy will make his move on next day knowing that Shivaay has left. Anika cries, Veer decides to play his last move the next day.

Anika and Shivaay continue their drama as Shivaay packs his bag. Veer and Monli come and say they are around Anika so she need not worry. Veer tries to act good, Shivaay thinks Veer genuinely wants to help them but he cannot tell the truth to Anika.

Shivaay leaves the house, Anika cries bitterly. Veer tries to console Anika, she stops him and tells Veer to leave her alone. Veer thinks he has to convince Anika. Shivaay enters the house secretly and looks for the safe spots to hide from the camera.

Veer sees something suspicious in the camera footage, his attention gets diverted by Komal. Veer tells Komal to scare Anika for the last time so that Veer can be her hero.

In the Oberoi Mansion, Tej introduces Omkara to the guests and talks about the business. Gauri sees a man in the hat and holding a rose, Gauri gets cautious.

Shivaay sleeps under Anika’s bed, both make a drama of sleeping, Shivaay boosts Anika’s  confidence. Gauri tries to look for the man. Both hear the cycle bell, Shivika get ready to act.

Precap: Shivaay and Anika run after Komal, Veer gets angry and decides to turn around Shivaay’s plan.


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