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Naamkaran 8th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Neil gets dragged to the grave. Avni hangs from the rope while Vidyut tries to cut the other end of the rope. Neil gets thrown in the grave. Vidyut wonders where is Avni while Avni runs away. Balu and goons put mud over Neil’s body. Aarti starts. Everyone searches for Avni in the jail. Jailer informs Vidyut that Avni is not to be seen anywhere. Avni makes a tilak with coal. Pandit says that the muhurat for the Aarti
has begun. Pandit moves the curtain from the Goddess Idol. Avni takes the place of the Idol.

Flashback shows how Avni colored her face black with coal and dressed up as Goddess. Avni asks Goddess to help
her to save Neil. Flashback ends.
Avni takes place of Goddess Vidyut thinks that Avni is somewhere in the jail itself. Balu informs Vidyut that he is burying Neil and Neo chapter is also over. Balu sees that Neil is still breathing. Vidyut asks Balu to bury Neil alive. Avni thinks that Goddess should help her to escape from there. Monica prays to Goddess not to make Avni win. Vidyut asks his men to look for Avni everywhere.

Pandit says that they will take the Goddess Idol outside. Avni suddenly drops the weapon from her hand. Jailer asks Pandit to put back the weapon in Goddess hand. Avni gets scared that she will be caught. The old inmate says she will do this. The old Inmate recognizes Avni and tells her that she knows it is her and wishes her good luck to complete her mission. Vidyut’s man informs him that he found an inmate’s uniform outside. Vidyut sees the coal and looks towards Kali maa suspiciously. Avni is taken outside the prison.

Vidyut shows his gun and asks the prison gate to be opened. Vidyut sees the Goddess idol and Pandit scolds him. Vidyut sees that it is the idol and not Avni. Vidyut says that Avni should be somewhere here. Vidyut falls and Goddess weapon falls on him. Pandit scolds Vidyut for disrespecting Goddess. Pandit tells Vidyut that this is

indication of his end. Goon informs Balu that the grave is ready. Other goon tells Balu that Avni is missing from jail. Avni runs around looking for Neil. Avni prays to God to save Neil as he is a very good person. Vidyut tells his men to look for a woman who is dressed as Kali maa.

Avni remembers the background of the video and understands the location of Neil. Balu tells Vidyut that Neil is buried and Avni will never be able to find him. Avni washes off the coal color from her face and arms. Avni hears the news of her missing from jail. Avni enters a car and she begs the owner to take his car as she has to save someone’s life. The man offers to help her and take her where she wants to go.

The man says that he heard the news of her running away. Man assures her that Kali maa will help her. The man takes Avni to the location and Avni thinks where is Neil as this is the same location as she saw in the video. A man informs Vidyut that he saw Avni in a car. Avni thinks that she was angry with Neil but she never wants to harm him. Avni thinks to get a way to save Neil.
Precap: Neil is in the grave and his phone rings. Avni hears the sound and digs the grave and sees Neil.


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