Naamkaran 9th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Avni prays to God to help her find Neil. Neil’s phone starts ringing. Bebe tells Prakash and Shweta that she thinks some loved one is in big danger. Avni hears Neil’s phone and screams out for him. Neela is trying to call up Neil but he does not answer. Neela says that she has got evidence against Vidyut and thinks to send the video to Neil. Avni sees that the grave is dug fresh.

Avni remembers warning Vidyut that she will bury him. Vidyut scolds Balu and tells him that Avni should not reach Neil’s location. Avni starts digging up the grave with her hands. Avni gets a shovel and digs up the grave. Vidyut’s car gets stuck in a jam. DD informs Neil’s family that Neil is not to be found anywhere. DD says that Avni has run away from jail and therefore they have to put security around the house.

Bebe is very tensed. Avni finds Neil and coaxes him to wake up. Bebe is sure that Neil and Avni will be fine if they are together. Bebe hopes they are fine. Avni pumps Neil’s chest and he starts taking breath. Balu reaches the spot again and Vidyut too comes there. Avni gets tensed hearing their voices. Balu and Vidyut see that the grave is empty. Vidyut slaps Balu saying that Avni took Neil away. Vidyut asks Balu to search for them. Balu informs Vidyut that he could not find them anywhere. Vidyut and Balu leave.

Avni gets up from the grave as she had covered herself with mud. Avni brings Neil to the road and tries to get a car to help them out. Avni coaxes Neil to wake up. Neela worries as Neil does not call back. Neela wonders where is Neil. Avni asks Neil to wake up. Ali comes there and Avni asks him to take Neil to hospital. Ali and Avni take Neil to hospital. Nurse asks Avni to sign consent form and asks her relation with Neil. Avni remembers Neil breaking relation with her. Avni tells nurse she is Neil’s wife. Avni asks Ali to inform family that Neil is in hospital.

DD comes to hospital and shows her handcuffs. DD says sorry and Avni says it’s OK and asks him to take her back to jail. Vidyut reaches the hospital and stops DD. Avni tries to attack Vidyut. Vidyut tells DD that Avni should not be taken to jail and instead she should be taken to governor house. Vidyut says that Avni has done a noble deed. Vidyut says that Avni is his special friend. Vidyut says that whole city is indebted to Avni as she has helped to catch a man who has caused a lot of loss in his business. Vidyut says that Avni has caught Neo and Neo is none other than Neil.

Vidyut reveals everything in front of the media saying that Avni broke the law and caught Neil despite of him being her husband. Vidyut says that he hopes Neil surrenders soon. Neil’s family reaches there. Bebe asks Avni whether she ran from jail to get Neil in trouble. Bebe tells Avni that she wanted to take revenge from Neil and therefore she did all this. Bebe asks Avni whether she hates Neil so much.

Commissioner comes there and Vidyut tells him that Avni has exposed Neil and therefore she ran from jail. Vidyut says that Avni should be given a reward. DD says that Neil cannot be Neo. Commissioner says that Avni has run away from jail and therefore there will be an investigation. Commissioner says that he will investigate once Neil recovers. Doctor says that Avni too needs treatment. Doctor tells Neil’s family that Neil needs surgery.


Precap: Doctor tells Neil’s family that Neil may have permanent brain damage because of lack of oxygen. Neela gets attacked. Avni says she wants to give her statement. Commissioner tells media that Neil is not Neo. Vidyut wonders who is Neo.


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