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Ishqbaaz 10th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Episode starts with Anika and Shivaay playing around while cleaning, Veer injects Anika with a medicine, Anika freezes, Tej declares that Gauri is dead for him.

Some time back…

Shivaay stops Komal. The flashback shows Shivaay finding way to the new
bridge. Shivaay rescues Anika and confronts Komal. Veer gets worried. Shivaay decides to call the police, Komal gets scared and decides to speak up. Komal says she hates Anika, Veer threatens Komal to stop or else be punished. Komal runs as per Veer’s orders and curses Anika and then jumps from the bridge.

Shivaay and Anika get shocked. Veer comes in front of them, Veer diverts them and takes back home in his car.

Veer thinks of his next move to get Anika.

In the morning, Shivaay gets worried to see Anika missing. She is seen cleaning the house with Vaccum Cleaner. Shivika share some cute moments as Shivaay gets
stuck to the pump and vaccume cleaner breaks.

Soumya and Bhavya think of informing the truth to Shivaay. Shivaay leaves after getting the call. Veer injects Anika with a medicine, she freezes. Veer confesses his feelings to Anika while she is in a statue state.

In the Oberoi Mansion, Gauri throws Pinky’s juice, Gauri tells Pinky aboutt the poison, Pinky refuses to believe in Gauri and insults her.
Omkara sees Gauri crossing the line and warns her. Omkara reminds Gauri not to make any mistake in the Party. Gauri sees the man with the hat with Tej and starts accusing him for trying to kill Pinky.

The man turns out to be Singhania, he gets angry, Gauri gets shocked. Gauri tries to apologize, Tia gets happy to see plan working. Singhania refuses to do business with Tej and leaves. Tej gets furious and declares her dead for him. Tej says he will perform Gauri’s last rites.

Tia feels happy to see Gauri getting thrown out. Gauri cries, Omkara tries to console her. Veer dances with Anika and tells Anika he being angry with Shivaay. Veer says he will get rid of Shivaay completely so that Anika can be with him.

Shivaay and Anika are seen with Soumya, Rudra and Bhavya, Anika plans for Rudra and Bhavya’s wedding. Veer thinks of killing Shivaay.


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