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Naamkaran 10th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Doctor tells Avni that she will have to remain in hospital for treatment. DD asks Avni to take care. Avni remembers Monica informing Vidyut about Neil’s absence. Prakash asks Ali why Neil had to become Neo. Avni wonders why Neil had to turn into Neo. Neela has the video evidence of Vidyut’s illegal business. Nurse gives Avni Neil’s belongings. Avni sees Neela’s call on Neil’s phone. Neela says that she has found evidence against Vidyut and now he can inform Avni that he knows about her innocence and can get her out of jail.

Avni hears all this. Someone sprays poisonous gas on Neela and kidnaps her. Avni realizes Neela is in trouble and she tries to go to meet Neil.

Commissioner does not allow Avni to meet Neil as he is in surgery. Avni tells Ali that Neela is in trouble and Ali assures her that he will search for Neela. Avni thinks that she misunderstood Neil and hopes for his quick recovery. Neil’s surgery takes place. Doctor informs Neil’s family that Neil has got a lot of oxygen loss and his brain may get damaged.

Balu informs Vidyut that he has captured Neela. Vidyut says that Neela has got evidence against them but they caught Neela. Commissioner scolds Jailer for her negligence. Vidyut comes there and says that Avni exposed a big criminal. Commissioner says that Avni is a criminal and she has to return to jail.

Avni wonders whether Ali must have found Neela yet. Avni gets confronted by Vidyut and asks Avni why she did all this. Vidyut says that if Neil is saved, he will destroy his life. Vidyut tells Avni that all her problem will be solved by him. Vidyut tells Avni that he loves her and he can solve her problems.

Vidyut gives Avni a doll and says that whoever comes between them will be destroyed. Vidyut tells Avni that he had asked Neil to give her to him but Neil refused. Vidyut says that he trapped her in Juhi’s case because of this. Avni tells Vidyut that she will destroy him one day. Vidyut tells her that he is attracted to her because of her anger.

Vidyut tells Avni that Neela is with him. Vidyut shows Avni a video of Neela’s being captured by him. Avni begs Vidyut to leave Neela. Vidyut says that he wants something in return. Vidyut says that he loves his mother a lot and therefore she has to take his mother along when she runs away from prison.

Avni refuses to do this. Vidyut says that she has to do this and make his mother escape in one week. Vidyut says that he will get his mother transferred in her jail. Neil comes to meet Avni. Neil tells Avni that she hates him so much and did not trust him. Neil tells Avni that he loves her so much and was forced to send her to jail. Neil tells Avni that she ran from jail breaking the law. Avni says that she had to do it to save his life.

Neil says he was trying to protect her but more charges will be added against her. Neil says that he may get suspended from jail. Neil says everything is over. Avni screams and realizes it is her imagination. Jailer comes there and Avni says that she wants to give her statement.

Doctor informs Prakash that Neil’s surgery is successful. Media people ask commissioner whether Neil is Neo. Commissioner refuses saying that Neil got Neo’s weapons. Commissioner says that Neo is Avni.

Flash back shows that Avni tells Commissioner and DD that she is Neo. Avni says that she made a hole in her cell wall and used to escape since past 6 months to become Neo. Avni quietly tells Vidyut that Neil’s job and reputation is saved and he will fight against him.

Precap: DD informs Neil that Avni has admitted that she is Neo. Avni returns to jail and sees a silence everywhere. A new jailer enters the jail. Balu tells Vidyut that two visas have come and two more have to come. Neela thinks that Vidyut, Ragini and Avni’s visas must be there but who is the fourth one.


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