Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th January 2018 Episode Written Update; Dadi’s New Drama

The Episode starts with pandit telling Aryan about some dosh in his kundli, which got neutral because of his mum. Aryan makes a face and leaves. Naira answers Kartik’s phone and talks to someone. A lady asks Dadi does Naira talk this way about Kartik. Kids get Naira and Kartik’s kundlis. Kartik says we don’t want to show our kundlis. Lady says its fine, your Dadi has questions. Dadi says no need. The lady asks when are you giving us good news. Kartik and Naira murmur. Pandit says you will receive good news soon, baby girl will be coming home soon. Suwarna says Laxmi will be coming, its amazing.

Naira says we are happy with one. Lady asks Dadi is her bahu happy with one daughter, men also obey their wives. Dadi thinks how will the family proceed, Kartik just listens to

Naira. Dadi goes to pandit. He says son and daughter, there is no difference. Dadi says tell me where to start, what’s the ritual. He says its tough ritual, the Shank should be atleast 108 year old. Surekha asks how will we get this. He asks her to try if she wants a Kuldeepak, ask in any old temple or relatives. Naira doesn’t hear him. Dadi says this pandit is also famous. Surekha asks how will we get shank. Dadi asks her to talk slow, Naira is there.

Naira pulls Kartik’s leg and says very soon someone will call you Papa. He says I m not in hurry. Naira says why, its been a year now. He says I want all your love, care and affection. She says but you were excited when pandit said that. He says I didn’t think that time, I have to think why can’t I call Manish as Papa. He sits worried. She calls him drama king and hugs. She says even I was not serious, go and get ready. They think Sankranti will be fun this year. Surekha says I couldn’t find about the Shank, I have tried a lot.

Kids ask Kartik did Naira go home. Kartik says no. Naira gets ready and comes. Kartik says Dadi will come later, we will go and enjoy. Naira asks Surekha is it kids’ project. Surekha says no, I m just shopping, I have seen a stylish shank and thought to order. Akhilesh says you don’t know my choice. They all smile. Naira says our house has same shank in Bhabhimaa’s room, she blows it every day, its sound brings positive energy, its around 150 years old. Dadi recalls pandit’s words. She says I will come along, I wanted to surprise you. Naira says but… Dadi says forget everything, we will enjoy Sankranti. She thinks you won’t get the Shank if I tell you. Bhabhimaa blows the shank and says I feel sorrowful, I won’t cry, its your Dadda ji’s birthday today, I m not well. Naksh gets emotional and hugs Bhabhimaa. He says even dad isn’t here.

Bhabhimaa says don’t cry, you are the reason that I wish to live. Kirti gets message and says Dadi will be coming. Baisa and everyone ask how did Dadi decide to come. Devyaani says we should support her if she wants to move on. Rajshri says we will prepare to welcome them. Baisa says how did Dadi think of coming here, something is fishy. Dadi prays to Lord for getting a great grandson. Kartik gets mesmerized seeing Naira. He signs to her. He compliments her. He says I love you very much, I really mean it. She calls him cheesy. He jokes. She asks him to call Manish as Papa today. He goes. Aryan looks on. Naira misses Naitik.

Bhabhimaa and everyone make laddoos for Goenkas. Kirti says I m trying to make laddoos, in my home, we order the sweets, we can keep a cook for help. Baisa says its so shameful if we can’t make sweets for few people. Goenkas come and greet them. Dadi makes a sad face and enters the house. She apologizes. Bhabhimaa says who are we to forgive you. Rajshri says we will make a new start today. Naira agrees. Naksh sees Dadi….

Kartik goes to Manish. Aryan thinks I won’t let Kartikl fulfill his dream. He challenges Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena


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