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Ishqbaaz 11th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Epi starts with Rudra proposing Bhavya for marriage. Veer plans of killing Shivaay. Veer adds poison to the notes with a plan to kill Shivaay. Some time back… Shivaay informs the girls that he has called the boy. Shivaay brings Anika back to senses. Rudra comes to Shivaay’s house, Shivaay slaps him and hugs him. Shivaay takes Rudra for lunch, Rudra gets shocked to see Bhavya and Soumya. Everyone ignores Rudra and discusses about Bhavya’s past with Rudra.

Bhavya cries, Soumya says Bhavya is going abroad, Rudra gets shocked. Shivika decide to drop Bhavya at the airport. Rudra tries to stop them and says sorry to Bhavya. Shivaay tells Rudra to confess the truth. Bhavya gets going, Rudra confesses that he loves Bhavya, she stops. Rudra accepts his mistakes, Rudra gets on his knees and proposes her for marriage, Bhavya gets overwhelmed and agrees to marry him. Everyone gets happy, Ruvya hug.

Anika starts planning for the wedding and decides that all the Oberoi Bahus will wear red attire. Veer hears them and thinks that there will be a wedding of Veer and Anika and before wearing the red attire Anika will have to wear white clothes tomorrow as she will be a widow tomorrow.

Later, a courier boy gives a parcel for Veer to Shivaay saying Veer is not available. Shivaay calls Veer and confirms with him. Veer tells Shivaay that parcel has cash and asks Shivaay to count the notes. Shivaay starts counting, Veer sees him, Shivaay finds the notes sticky.

Anika comes and tells Shivaay to use saliva to separate the notes. In the Oberoi Mansion, Dadi returns, a Pandit comes, Tej says he is performing last rights of Gauri. Dadi and Omkara try to stop Tej, Jhanvi supports Tej. Tej remains determined, Pandit says he cannot perform last rights of an alive person.

The flashback shows Veer applying poison to the notes. Shivaay counts as told by Anika, Shivaay counts the cash, he starts feeling unwell. Shivaay takes Anika in the corner to talk something important. Tej performs Gauri’s last rights himself, Omkara and Dadi try to stop him, Tej completes the ritual and declares that Gauri is dead for him. She is not Oberoi Bahu nor Omkara’s wife.

Gauri breaks down, Omkara tries to console her. Shivaay asks Rudra to inform Oberoi family about his wedding and tells him to go to Mumbai. Rudra says he wants the wedding to take place in Goa, shivika try to make Rudra understand. Omkara and Gauri reach in Goa, Shivika get shocked to see Gauri crying.


Omkara and Gauri inform Shivaay and Anika about Tej performing Gauri’s last rights. Shivaay tells Gauri that nobody can take the right of being Oberoi Bahu from Gauri


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