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Naamkaran 11th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Avni tells Vidyut that she will win the war against him. Avni warns him that Neil will fight back against him. Avni passes by Neil’s room and sees him and thinks that she will make everything alright and save Neela too. Prakash asks DD why did Avni take the blame of being Neo if she wanted to trap Neil.

Neil regains consciousness and takes Avni’s name. Neil asks for Avni and asks if she is alright. Prakash asks Neil to calm down. DD says that Avni has accepted that she is Neo. Neil thinks what has Avni done. Avni enters the jail again and sees that none of the inmates are seen.

A new jailer says that no one is there and only they are there. The new jailer meets Avni and asks her whether she wanted a warm welcome back in the jail. Jailer says that she has become famous all over the city. Jailer says that she wanted to change the jail but broke the law by running away. The Jailer says that she is the new jailer and she will deal with a hardcore criminal like her. Avni says that she knows that a lot will change after her trying to run away. Jailer says that the rules have changed in the jail. Jailer says that the security has been increased all over. She says that her guards will keep a close watch on her and will catch her if she makes the smallest movement.

Avni thinks of Vidyut telling her to run away along with Ragini in next one week. Jailer warns Avni to be within the laws. The jailer gets a message and informs Avni that Neil’s surgery has completed successfully. Neil wears his uniforms and tries to leave and Prakash and DD try to stop him. Neil says he has to go to police station and he has to save Avni as she is being punished for a crime she has not done.

Vidyut comes to meet Neela and shows her clothes and jewelry. Vidyut says that Avni will look very good in them. Vidyut asks Neela to do Avni’s kanyadaan and give her to him. Neela tells Vidyut that Avni will burn him. Vidyut gets a call from informer and he leaves from there saying that Neil may tell all the truth to commissioner. Balu says that two visas have come and two more have to come.

Neela wonders why four visas are needed as one will be for Vidyut 2nd for Ragini, 3rd for Avni. Neela wonders who is the fourth one. Jailer tells Avni that all the fun and enjoyment in the jail will end because of her. Jailer says that yoga and other exercises will be called off. All inmates start taunting Avni. Jailer tells Avni that everyone hates her. Jailer brings Avni to the kitchen and tells her to cook food.

All inmates come there and everyone looks at Avni with hatred. Neil comes to meet Vidyut and tells him that he succeeded to catch Neo who is his wife Avni and has put her back in jail. Vidyut thinks that he knows that Neil is keeping Avni away from him. Vidyut says that Avni should be kept under tight security and even Neil should not be allowed to meet her. Vidyut tries to shake Neil’s hand but Neil pushes his hand and he falls.

Neil tells Vidyut that he has his eyes on him. Avni tells all inmates that she did not know that they would fall in trouble because of her. Avni says that she did not have any other choice. Tara says that they will not deal with her and her punishment will be given by someone else. Ragini is seen entering the jail. Monica tries to hit Avni but Ragini comes there and asks them to learn Avni’s story. Avni tries to attack Ragini but Monica stops her. Ragini tells Avni that she trapped herself and taunts her.

Precap: Ragini tells Avni that she put coal on her face and ran away so they will use coal to punish her. Avni sees Neil’s press conference in which he gives her some hints.


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