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Zindagi Ki Mehak: Shaurya’s Look Alike Makes an Entry!

The upcoming twist of Zee TV’s show Zindagi Ki Mehek will showcase the beginning of a new drama with the entry of Shaurya’s lookalike into his hosue. Some high intensity drama takes place with a terrorist attack taking place and Shaurya rescuing Mehek and others from the terrorist. Shaurya ends up with an injury and Mehek brings him back home and takes care of him. However, a big secret will soon be revealed that the man whom Mehek has got back to her house is not Shaurya but is his lookalike the terrorist attack was done in order to make the switch where the fake Shaurya took the real Shaurya’s place.

 Earlier on, It was seen that Shaurya’s eye scan and fingerprint was taken by some unknown man and these details will be used by Shaurya’s lookalike to take his place. Mehek and other family members will not realize that Shaurya’s lookalike is living in his house in place of him but gradually, Mehek will start having doubts on him. However, no one will believe Mehek as everything about him will match Shaurya. The real Shaurya will be taken as captive and Mehek will be on a mission to find her real Shaurya. How will real Shaurya be able to return?


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