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Ishqbaaz 12th January 2018 Episode Written Update;Poison Affects Shivaay!

Episode starts with Shivaay consoling Gauri and promising to rectify everything. Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya dance. Shivaay starts feeling unwell. Some time back… Shivaay and Anika get worried as Gauri cries bitterly. Gauri tells them about Tej performing her last rights. Shivaay and Anika get shocked, Anika worries about Dadi. Shivaay loses his balance slightly,  then calls Dadi, Pinky picks up. She gets emotional, asks Shivaay to come back, Shivaay refuses and expresses his sadness for Tej’s treatment to Gauri. Shivaay informs that Omkara and Rudra are in Goa. Pinky gets upset and tells Shivaay to forget her. Shivaay gets disturbed over the situation, Anika tries to console him and says he needs to be strong for Omkara and Rudra. Shivaay thinks Rudra’s wedding can change the situation and decides to have Rudra’s pre-wedding functions in Goa and the wedding in Oberoi Mansion.

Ishqbaaz 12th January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Later, Shivaay consoles Gauri and promises that he will rectify everything. Anika brings Shagun for Gauri, Shivaay says till he alive no one can take away Gauri’s right of being the Oberoi Bahu. Anika tells Gauri and Omkara to forget the bitterness. Omkara fills sindoor in Gauri’s forehead. Shivaay – Gauri team up against Anika – Omkara for wedding preparations. Shivaay feels dizzy, Anika gets worried. Rudra gives Paratha to Soumya and thanks her for uniting him and Bhavya. Gauri and Anika advise Bhavya about being a bride. Shivaay and Omkara tease Rudra. Oberoi brothers and Oberoi Bahus get in argument, Bhavya gets emotional thinking about her family. Shivaay and Omkara tell Rudra to hug Bhavya, Rudra hugs and consoles Bhavya. Oberoi Brothers and Bahus argue on who will sleep where. They decide to do something exciting to make it look like a wedding house. Tej gets annoyed to know that Omkara and Rudra are with Shivaay, Pinky blames Tej and Jhanvi. Tej and Pinky fight. Oberoi Brothers and Bahus dance on Aiyve Aiyve. Shivaay starts feeling unwell.


Shivaay falls on the ground, Anika screams, all run to him worriedly. Anika gets shocked.

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