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Naamkaran 12th January 2018 Episode Written Update

Ragini tells Avni that she lost all the respect that she had earned. Ragini tells Avni that she should be punished. Ragini says that she had put coal on her face to turn into Kali Maa and therefore she will get same punishment. Ragini asks all women to attack Avni and they all start throwing chunks of coal at Avni. Jailer comes along with constable and constable takes Avni away.  Ragini quietly tells Avni that she will make her life hell and if she wants to be saved then she should make her run from jail. Nurse asks Avni why she tolerated the torture.

Neil charts out a plan. Avni is in line for food and Monica trips her and everyone laughs. Neil thinks that Avni will see the news. Neil gives an interview to the media about his work. The interview gets telecast in the jail and Avni sees it. Flashback shows that Neil had decided to give the interview so that Avni would see it and gets hints. Avni sees the interview and understands that Neil knows about Neela’s kidnap. Avni is in her cell and she recalls Neil’s hints. Avni thinks to talk to Neil anyhow. Avni calls the constable and asks her to allow her to call up her mother. Constable says it is impossible as the rules have changed. Jailer comes and tells Avni to stay in her limits and follow law. Neil comes outside Vidyut’s bunglow and guard says that there is tight security. Vidyut meets Neil and taunts him for his security arrangement.

Vidyut tells Neil that he is organizing a party for becoming MLA and therefore he wants him to get along his family and wife to the party. Vidyut taunts that his wife is in jail. Avni is tied up in shackles. Jailer tells Avni that her new duty is to make the jail a fort. Jailer tells Avni that she will have to put barbed wire over the walls and fix pointed glass prices on the wall. Jailer asks Avni if she is scared. Monica and Sunehri taunt Avni. Ragini also taunts Avni.

Avni starts working on the wall task and everyone looks at her. Avni puts glass pieces and her hand gets a cut. Monica makes fun of Avni for bearing pain because of her love. Jailer quietly tells Avni that tonight 7 pm she has to cut the barbed wire and run away along with Ragini and if she makes any mistake then Neela will be killed.

Avni understands that Jailer is hand in glove with Vidyut. Avni thinks she has to inform Neil about this. Avni asks Jailer to help her out as her hand is injured. Avni asks older inmate to put haldi for her. Avni quietly tells old inmate to help her by putting on the electricity in the barbed wire. Old inmate does the task and signals Avni. Avni purposely touches the barbed wire.


Precap: Neil beats up Vidyut and his men in the party. Neil gets secret letter from Avni informing about Neela’s kidnap. Avni gest electric shock and falls down.


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